Let’s Find out – Some Secrets of the PSL Cricket League with Sarfraz Ahmed and Taranjeet Singh


PSL (Pakistan Super League) is becoming a famous slogan of the current time not only in the United Arab Emirates but all over the World as well. Here we come up with, ‘The Famous Journalist and Poet Suleman Jazib’, taking an interview of Sarfraz Ahmed Bhatti and Taranjeet Singh. He is taking their views about, how they are feeling to have the happy moments of watching PSL that is reached at Abu Dhabi Stadium now. PSL tournament is in its 3rd Quarter Final now. Everyone is anxious to know who the winner of Pakistan Super League 2019 will be.

Let have a glance at the majors of this brief interview.

Suleman Jazib: “Hello everyone! You are watching Mirch Masala Tv. Here we pleased to welcome our keen and proud guests of the day, Taranjeet Singh and Sarfraz Ahmed Bhatti, who are increasing the worth of the match today.” Everyone knows them, let ask them; how are you feeling that PSL is happening here and what are you feeling about PSL?

Taranjeet: “Hi, I will defiantly say that it’s the 3rd year that I am watching the PSL here. It is literally feeling the good and happy moment, but it is really mean to me a lot to see, how people love us when we enjoy with them in the crowd by applauding and appreciating. PSL is getting more popular with every upcoming season. Moreover, the good charm is PSL happening half in Dubai and the rest of it in Pakistan. But that good we are enjoying.”

Sarfraz: “By the Grace of Almighty, I would like to congrats Pakistan that PSL is ranking as number one league in the world. It has come out from the commercial and business point of view though. So, I will not shy to praise the efforts. Rest of 8 matches are going to be held in Pakistan, which is a great achievement for its dignity universally.

So, we hope it will grow more in the coming years.” (In between; Taranjeet throw a sudden question) Which team you are supporting? (Sarfraz smiled at question), Basically, I belong to Sahiwal, so I am supporting half of Lahore Qalandars and Multan Sultan. (Taranjeet caught him by throwing interrogation it’s a diplomatic answer LOL!). He cleared again, “no, I want Sahiwal would come forward as the main lead team in future but to be honest I support Rana Fawad’s Team”.

(Taranjeet admired Rana Fawad craze about cricket by calling him, Rana Fawad is neither a fanatic nor a crazy cricket fan but a cricket icon”.)

Salman Jazib: “By telling Taranjeet about Sarfraz) “You know Sarfraz is also a popular economist, he sees the economy with the benefits of the capitalization. So, Sir Sarfraz how you see economy will boost up with the grooming of PSL?

Taranjeet: That’s why he said that I will make a team represent Sahiwal. So, he is an optimist and thinking about how to increase the velocity of money as well as advanced Pakistan’s economy. He was making fun of him by giving Jolie jokes.

Sarfraz: LOL! With a laughing roar, he confessed what Taranjeet said, finally he said that “All benefits will be catch up by our country, it will open all routes of success to boost our economy.”

Taranjeet: “(He added) you started up with the less investment now it has become a franchise of worth 36 million dollars. It is worlds second largest league. You see, there are worlds’ most known other leagues like American or Bangladeshi leagues but PSL has earned a name like fire in the jungle. (he defined the value of PSL very well furthermore). PSL was a little kid was sitting in trolley now it is a grown-up younger guy. LOL!

Sarfraz: “Here, I will give a suggestion to PCB (Pakistan Cricket Board), that they must have to reduce the share percentage from 70 to ‘50 or 60 per cent’ because they must make owners happy to boost the PSL more. Although, now we are going to compete for our rivals (I will not expose the rival party name). So, for beating rivals it is necessary to loosen the strategy as rivals smooth for their owners). Being an economist, I think so far as an optimist does”.

Suleman Jazib: Thanks to both of you! Good time ahead! I hope you people enjoy our little meeting with them. Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube Channel for more crispy news.

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