Simple Techniques To Lose Weight In Ramadan Kareem


In the present time, a lot of people want to acknowledge the ways to lose weight with simple and natural methods. Ramadan Kareem, the month of blessings, is an ideal month for those people who want to lose weight as they do fasting all the day long. However, in spite of losing weight most of the people gain weight, due to unhealthy eating habits as well as food pattern they use in Ramadan Kareem. Here are a few tips to lose weight that are effective as well as easy to do for all the people who want to lose weight in Ramadan.

How to lose weight in Ramadan

Lemon Benefits For Weight Loss


You don’t need to drink simple water instead you need to add something to it that will go beneficial to lose weight in Ramadan Kareem. You need to add

  • Cucumber
  • Lemon

In to one jug of water, after cutting them in two pieces, at night. Drink this water with Sehri. This water is very beneficial for your overall digestive system and to upturn your fat loss.

10 Natural Weight Loss Friendly Foods

What to Eat?

Use very less oil and try to cook those foods contains water inside like, greens, mushrooms, chicken and several other supper veggies. You can also intake yogurt, eggs and dairy products but not too much. Use buttermilk. Use green tea or black tea.

Chia Seeds drink

  • Take one spoon of chia seeds
  • Add it to one glass of water.
  • Squeeze one lemon into it.
  • Refrigerate for 5 minutes
  • Drink it.

Simple Techniques To Lose Weight In Ramadan Kareem

What to Eat In Iftar?

Take one date then drink max one glass of water not too cold. For the reason that, it will create issues like stomach pain, heart disease, etc. Eat raw fruits or fruit made foods but not processed. Avoid fried foods. Now, take a break for 20 to 30 minutes and say a prayer. Now eat a meal but not junk food, fast food, or the foods that have too much oil inside. Eat simple to lose weight in Ramadan Kareem. Concentrate on boiled foods. Follow all these instructs to lose weight in Ramadan without making many efforts.

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