Does Calorie Counting Work for Weight Loss


Why should you count calories every time when you are going to lose weight? Is calorie counting important? To lose weight efficiently and fast and to upturn, the efforts to lose weight is the main concern of the most of the people nowadays. In like manner, calorie counting is another strategy to achieve the task.

How Calorie Counting is Effective to Lose Weight

Important to Realize!

You need to understand first that your all diet consist of calories, but some things are low, and some are high in calories. You need to intake a balanced diet to get an ideal figure, for this purpose you need to count your calories. Although, it is a central policy of weight loss and healthy eating. Here are the pros and cons of calorie counting with some experts who have experience and knowledge on their side.

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Counting & Starving

Anyone who is on a traditional food or calculated calories will grasp just how discontented sensation of starving and deprived can create you, and yet someone with strong willpower is incredible to be able to maintain this sort of situation, any time.

Emphasis on Nutrient Density

In spite of counting calories, you need to take a look at your food within the lens of energy density (the calories by the gram in a portion of food). Plus satiety (how satisfying a part of the food is) will permit people to consume a large number of daily meals that are low in calories and highly satisfying without weighing, measuring or counting. Foods that are low in calories but high in nutrients are called nutrient dense foods. Examples of nutrient-dense foods are low-fat meats, dairy, eggs, fruits, vegetables, grains, and legumes.

How Calorie Counting is Effective to Lose Weight

In different words, the higher filling a meal is, the more feasible it is to keep you full for a more extended period. It results in a huge win—you don’t have to number-crunch every bite that passes your lips, and you can lose weight without feeling like you’re going to starve to death. Foods that are more satisfying include items like grains, pasta, fish, lean meats, eggs, fruits, vegetables, and potatoes.

Obviously, calorie counting matters but you need to consume a diet that is perfect via minerals, vitamins, fibers and others necessary nutrients that your body needs. In like manner, you cannot say that counting calorie is bad rather you need to count with care.

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