Major Power Breakdown Hit The Whole Electricity of Pakistan


A major power failure hit the total electricity throughout Pakistan taking in foremost parts of Punjab and KPK. In main parts of Punjab: Lahore, Sargodha, Islamabad, Bahawalpur, Rawalpindi, Multan, and other cities. The cities are facing power cut from 9:20 am. The major power breakdown is caused due to Tarbela power plant.

What causes Major Power Breakdown?

It has been reported that major power breakdown due to Tarbela power plant is on its way to repair. However, there is no estimated time given for its completion. Work is also going through to develop the Ghazi-Barotha hydel power plant online to fight the electricity deficit. Atomic Energy Commission specified that lines from the Tarbela plant tumbled and begun all four Chashma Nuclear Power Plants to trip too. As a result, a major power breakdown comes on.

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Furthermore, a representative of Power Division declared that the breakdown comes about at the Guddu-Muzaffargarh power line, counting in the massive energy shortfall all over the country. Various cities of Punjab are experiencing power cut situation, for instance, Lahore, Rawalpindi, Bahawalpur, Multan, Islamabad and some other. In KPK, the same condition present in some cities like Peshawar, Lakki Marwat, and Swat.

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Awais Leghari, declared in the National Assembly, the state of affairs would recover in a small number of hours. The Power Minister further added: a full description will be shown concerning the causes behind the major power breakdown all over the country. It should be declared that repairs at Tarbela power plant in the past have taken as long as 7-8 hours to complete.

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The power breakdown didn’t even spare operations at the New Islamabad International Airport. The offices of airlines, baggage handling, and the Airport Security Force base camp, are currently without power.
4:00 pm: the electricity issue has not been resolved. Down to the long-drawn-out blackout, minor businesses are being affected; so, people use social media to show their anger. Notwithstanding the assertion of the Power Minister, the situation is yet to resolve.

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