Easy Makeup Tips For Beginners


Makeup is basically a thing to do magic on your skin and will make it smooth, even, and fresh as well. Whereas, you can get all these effects on your skin at the time when you can do it properly. Here are some essential makeup steps for beginners, to make their finish very good. Here are these steps.

Makeup Steps For beginners


The very first thing is to make the base of makeup on your skin as it should be. For this purpose you need

  • Moisturizer
  • Foundation
  • Eye Concealer

First of all, you need to clear up skin tone then apply moisturizer to it. Afterwards, apply eye concealer under eyes. Moreover, you need to apply foundation lightly on all of the face skin. The important thing to note is you need to blend thoroughly on the skin. Do not use too much quantity of foundation on the skin.

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Optionally, you can apply face powder to the skin to balance all of the things on the skin.


After making a perfect base, you need to apply blush on the cheeks specifically in the center. The lighter shade is used for the natural as well as daily makeup.

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Eyes’ Décor

In the face, eyes’ place is central and cannot be ignored, for decoration of these you need following things

  • Eyeliner
  • Mascara
  • Lashes Curler

Apply a light line of eyeliner on the lash line. In the daily, make up thick liner doesn’t suit yet a light line is accepted. After you need to curl lashes using a lash curler. In the end, apply mascara on the lashes. Apply mascara on the upper lashes in the upper direction, and on the lower lash in downside direction.

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Color Up

It’s time for your lips, apply lipstick on the lips, lighter shade for daily use. As a result, a natural look will come out.

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Now your makeup is complete, take a look at all of your face and finalize. Above mention, all makeup steps for beginners has been defined now you need to practice it.

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