Mercedes-AMG Project ONE Hypercar The Ultimate Street Car


At present, automaker companies are doing a lot of work to generate something innovative and most loved one. Due to the fierce competition in the technology genre with the passage of time the newer functions have invented. Mercedes is in another league all in all through its exceptional ideas and top-notch projects. When you talk about a car’s inside, there is nothing better and brighter than a Mercedes! Mercedes-AMG Project ONE Hypercar is going to increase your best experience. The features and qualities of the car have everything in it which you desire before it.

Mercedes-AMG Project ONE Hypercar Features

Mercedes-AMG Project ONE Hypercar

The 1.6-litre V6 hybrid petrol engine by direct injection and electrically supported single turbocharging reaches straight of the Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula 1 racing car. In order to attain high engine speeds, the mechanical valve springs changed by pneumatic valve springs. The vehicle is mid-engine, and it can simply reach speeds of 11,000 rpm that is at present exclusive for a road going vehicle.

Mercedes-AMG Project ONE Hypercar

Mercedes-AMG has to get on a drive to announce a car, not like anything we have ever got earlier that is Project One hypercar. The hypercar will have an amazing 1000+ horsepower make up for by four electric motors. The latest design including specs was offered by Mercedes-AMG at the Frankfurt Auto show earlier this week. Furthermore, everyone’s losing their mind over the next big thing in the auto industry.

Mercedes-AMG Project ONE Hypercar

Project One is caused to move by a 1.6 L V6 engine which sounds regular on paper. Here is where Mercedes’ F1 expertise reaches into play. The V6 engine can operate as high as 11,000 RPM (F1 cars manage 15,000) which delivers it the required oomph. For evidence, a Porsche GT3 revs at 9000 rpm, and it is one of the highest reviving cars nearby. The V6 in Project One succeeds 700 HP; the enduring 500 HP arises from the electric motors.

Mercedes-AMG Project ONE Hypercar Specs

Mercedes-AMG Project ONE Hyperca

One of the electric motors will be installed in the internal combustion engine, extra one with the turbocharger to withdraw lag in power presentation, while the additional two will be bolted to the front wheels, the arrangement providing an astonishing torque vectoring and a much-quicker throttle response. The system is called EQ Power+ works at 800 volts, and there will be enough batteries to provide an all-electric driving for 24 kilometers. Furthermore, the speed of the car is unbeatable. Project One hypercar will be incomparable, reaching from 0 to 200 km/h within 6 seconds, while the fastest ever car inquired can only reach 0-200 km per hour in 6.4 seconds. The projected top speed is about 350 km per hr. as a minimum.

Mercedes-AMG Project ONE Hyperca

The neat and active look of Mercedes is matchless and make you crazy about it and to get it for yourself. One of the most prominent reason to get this car is its best quality and ability to run in streets. Mercedes-AMG Hypercar uses a 1.6 litre V6 turbo engine in place a V8 or above. However, the excellent car is available for you at a price of $2.8 million.

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