Muhammad Bello Abu-Bakar – A Man with 120 Wives and 203 Children

This elderly Nigerian man has wedded more than 100 women in his epoch


OVER his lifetime, Mohammed Bello Abu-Bakr has had in excess of 100 spouses and fathered 185 youngsters. What’s more, in all honesty, he intends to add more to the hit-list.

While the majority of us are in an endless battle to discover only one individual to cherish till death do you part, there is an older man in Nigeria with 97 long lasting accomplices.

Muhammad Bello Abu-Bakar

Truth is stranger than fiction. Mohammed Bello Abu-Bakr, a 92-year-old from the town of Bida, Niger state, has hitched in excess of 100 ladies in his lifetime in what he portrays as a “divine” calling.

In his lifetime, Abu-Bakr has fathered an aggregate of 185 youngsters — the majority of whom he has outlasted — and 107 spouses, 10 from whom he has separated.

Abu-Bakr has been a media subject for quite a long time, however, he returned into the spotlight this year after reports surfaced of his demise.

“My dear, I am particularly alive, robust and healthy,” he revealed to Nigeria’s Vanguard paper.

“The talk is unmerited and can best be depicted as crafted by my spoilers since they envy what God has done and what He is as yet accomplishing for me.

“What I am doing is divine. It is a task and I will continue doing it till the end,” he included. he was claimed to be a sinner by government and get caught as per AL Jazeera News in UAE

Nearby Islamic experts in Nigeria have been in strife with him over the lawful status of his plenty of relational unions, who depict his atypical family unit as religion-like and out of a venture with Islamic law.

While polygamous associations are not perceived under common law in Nigeria, the 12 states represented by Sharia law do perceive polygamous associations as comparable to monogamous marriage.

Nonetheless, there is normally a four-spouse restriction, and even that is dependent upon the man having the option to monetarily and sincerely bolster them similarly. Notwithstanding surpassing his cutoff by 93 accomplices, the previous instructor and evangelist presently have no noticeable salary.

In any case, he says that, under his very own translation of the religion, “the Koran does not put a point of confinement and it is up to what your very own capacity, your own gift and capacity permits”.

In 2008, a Nigerian court requested Abu-Bakr to separate from 82 of his 86 spouses inside 48 hours or leave the state. By the lapse of the final proposal, Abu-Bakr had would not separate from any of his spouses. This news was remain popular among the residents in UAE. 

In any case, regardless of all his abstinence, he said he wouldn’t need some other men to emulate his example.

At the season of the lawful contention, he told the BBC he is just ready to adapt to every one of the relational unions because of the assistance of God.

“A man with 10 spouses would crumple and kick the bucket, however, my very own capacity is given by Allah. That is the reason I have had the option to control 86 of them,” he said.

“I don’t go searching for them, they come to me. I will consider the way that God has requested that I do it and I will simply wed them.”

He asserted his spouses searched him out in light of the fact that he had a notoriety for having the option to mend the debilitated. The ladies — a significant number of whom are considerably more youthful than a portion of his senior youngsters — guarantee he restored their different sicknesses.

After reports of his demise surfaced in June 2012, Abu-Bakr gave an uncommon meeting to The Nation wherein he said he was not got done with wedding yet.

“My substantial number of spouses? I just have 97 spouses,” he said. “I am as yet going to wed more. I will continue wedding them for as long I am alive.

“Left [to] me, I would have hitched perhaps two spouses, however, what I am doing is divine.”

He even asserted the individuals who restrict his faction like a way of life were submitting irreverence in doing as such.

“I simply need to inform those battling against the number with respect to my spouses to stop in light of the fact that such individuals are taking up arms against God, their maker.”

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