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A perky name popular in B-town for extreme ‘Excellency of acting started from theatre known as Nawaz Uddin Siddique. He is not a celebrity who is known for the famous acting and theatre he did, but he has gotten many other achievements to his name as well. He beholds and holds many remarkable projects in Bollywood. Indian born stardom holds fans from the whole world. People love his acting in Bajrangi Bhai Jaan, Manto, Secret Diaries, Badlapur, Kick, Talaash, Mom, Gang of Wasseypur and many more. A Muslim born star performed best on the land of India with all his will about Saadat Hussain Manto in his pitcher Manto. He gave the best tribute due to his acting in the movie.

There are few questions ask by the famous Journalist and Poet Suleman Jazib by taking an interview about the reviews of his movie Manto.

Nawazuddin Siddiqui's Exclusive Interview at Dubai

Suleman Jazib: “Hi! Sir! I am Suleman Jazib. We are pleased to have you here for an interview with Mirch Masala TV. We found him on a literary event where he is invited for giving a tribute to our legend Sadat Hussain Manto: in his movie ‘Manto”. His movie will soon in cinemas. We will ask him some questions about the movie and his interest in literature as well. “So, how are you, sir”?

(By giving the details about the personality of the Nawaz Uddin Sahib, he said hello and hi with intro and thanking words for him).

Nawaz Uddin Sahib: Hello Suleman I am fine. Thank you!

Suleman Jazib: Sir! Manto is a literary character? How was your experience to perform this character?

Nawaz Uddin Sahib: To perform for a character really means a lot. It is very difficult to perform such a character when your director and your whole team is expecting much more than the usual performance. We try our best to touch the expectation of our audience. So, it was a good experience overall.

mmtv interview

Suleman Jazib: “So, Manto was a blunt kind of fictionist. How was your experience to present his fictions and writings in front of an audience?”

Nawaz Uddin Sahib: Literally, he was a very daring kind of writer who never feared for what he wrote for people’s concern to know the things more relatively. What he wrote at that time is literally seems like it is written today and I think after 100 years it would remain the same as it was in past and it is now in present. His writing impressed to youth a lot. Today people do not read him. It is their loss. When I was in Italy I saw that they have included Manto as a chapter in their university course. I found it best. So, youth need to read him because of the mass appeal in this literature if fiction.

Suleman Jazib: As you said that the new generation is not taking literature seriously and you have come for an event belongs to literature? What will your remarks that youth should go through literature?

Nawaz Uddin Sahib: It is very necessary to know about literature these days. We must have know-how what new writers and fictionists are writing. When we were in National School Of Drama and learning theatre there I have just read a lot of theatres and believe me that reading is a key to my success that I learn thing easily now. I just have an appeal to youth that must read Manto. He has written a lot and every single line has a million worth hidden philosophy.

Suleman Jazib: This is it, Thank you! Sir, for being there to explain to us the detail, value and advice for our youth about literature.

Manto – | Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s Exclusive Interview at Dubai

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