Inauguration of New Islamabad Airport Again Delayed


New Islamabad Airport launch delayed for another time. The failure of Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) to test and finish apparatus installation on the new airport. By reason of a non-satisfactory condition of the airport, the Consultant to Prime Minister upon Flight, Sardar Mehtab Abbasi, decided to postpone the New Islamabad Airport launch from 20th April to 1st May 2018. The action has carried just two days earlier than the official launch of the airport. The inaugural ceremony is anticipated to come to pass on the 1st of May. He went to the New Islamabad International Airport and perceived the state of affairs.

New Islamabad Airport Launch Delayed as Usual to May 2018

In the visit, Sardar Mehtab present the progression of work in Airport. Irfan Elahi, the Sectary Aviation Division, Amir Mehboob, the Deputy Director General CAA, Nadir Shafi Dar, the Director New Islamabad Airport and further officers of CAA and ASF were present there.

Islamabad International Airport Going to Inaugurate on 20th April 2018

All through the check, it unveiled that CAA has not been capable of examining the apparatus and no emergency movements have done one the new Islamabad airport specifically in the terminal structure. It also reported that the cost of the airport has now reached Rs. 105 billion. Earlier people declared that it would cost Rs. 81.1 billion to finish the whole work on the airport. Meanwhile, the making started in 2006, and the cost assessment was just Rs 37 billion.

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It announced that New Islamabad International Airport would inaugurated from April, 20th at 10 am. Notwithstanding, the officials declared that the initiation paused till 1st May. It announced that at the same time, Benazir Bhutto International Airport would be shut down for commercial use. This decision besides disturbed the viable airlines that had before now completed essential arrangements change set-ups to the new Islamabad airport. Now, they have to delay fluctuating their apparatus and staff towards the new offices.

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