New Year’s Excitement and Celebration in the Different Countries


New Year 2019 is on the way or upcoming just at the distance of passing December. It is not unexpected about its celebrations and excitement is at its peak among people. They are excited and waiting anxiously to welcome for the New Year. Mostly in the world, what people actually do? They forget all the tensions and worries to rejoice in the happiness of this happy eve. Whoever is angry or fought with family, friends or relatives they make friendship by reforming themselves for errs not to do in future. They share sweets, love and care by having a get together at dinners. They pray and illuminate their houses with multi lights.
New Year 2019

How France Celebrate New Year Eve?

Many people in France start their New Year by making noise on the roads in their cars and youngsters on bikes. Midnight’s celebrations start with friends and families while dining with them and praying together. A church event happens in the evening of NYE. Traditional custom to be performed of harvesting grapes at midnight. Major scenic views are worth witness at Eiffel Tower. Thousands of people come along to see the fireworks displays there. Many religious people consider it a holy moment by offering prayers and asking for God’s help.
New Year Celebration in France

How Middle Eastern Celebrate New Year rejoicing?

New Year’s celebrations in Middle Eastern countries are not as opened as in another part of the world because you will found Arabian countries in this region of the world. So they mostly celebrate and start with Islamic year. But due to multi-nation people are living in this region that why they are enforced to celebrate the New Year’s Eve. So, countries like Dubai, you will find illumination and firework at Burj Al Arab and Burj Al Khalifa.In Saudi Arabia, you will find water illuminated dance with loads of events. People make fancy a nice meal and celebrate whole night at beaches where stunt makers are showing tricks.
New Year Celebration in DubaiNew Year’s Grand Celebration in the USA.

New Year time falls on January 1st according to the Gregorian calendar. It symbolizes the end of the New Year’s Eve celebrations in the US and gives a memory to the people of US for goods and bad of the previous year to recall last time. A start has held with parties, events and fireworks for the whole night and the whole day. It is celebrated as a public holiday. You will found a town on the roads while playing, enjoying and wandering here and there. Fought friends and family members hug each other by forgetting every bitter memory they fought for. And make promises never to fight again in future. These are generally promised to themselves that they will better make decisions and improve their lives. Resolutions of New Year includes they will stop smoking, drinking and will welcome a new lifestyle

New Year Celebration in USA

How India and Pakistan celebrate New Year?

India and Pakistan follow the same Gregorian calendar as America follow to celebrate the New Year festive. But these two countries celebrate rejoicing of New Year in ‘Desi Style’. They do local street fireworks and especially India decorates its house with colorful stuff called “Rangoli”.
New year Celebration in India

Some New Year quotes of wise inspirations about gaining happiness on such eves

  • Brad Paisley said: “Tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365-page Write a good one”
  • S. Lewis said: “You and days are never old to set a new goal or to dream a new dream”

The Bottom Line is…

New Year 2019 is coming let give a warm welcome hand to wave at it and ask HOWDY! So, Happy New Year” to everyone from MMTV. To get more updates and new clicks of new trends and latest entertainment news stay with us by browsing us.

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