New Year’s Quotes and Greetings for WhatsApp Wishes


New Year is an event that people in all over the world welcomes one time after the time cycle of 365 days, the year starts from 1st of January and ends on 31st of December every year is known as Gregorian Calendar year. People appreciate it with warm grabbing hug as a startle of blessings going to pour over you throughout the whole year. They give wishes by sending flowers, greetings with sweet cake or marshmallows and with a get together on a combine dine. People are getting ready for New Year’s Grand Celebrations in USA, Middle East, and everywhere in the world.

New Year Quotes and wisdom

Following are the some quotes and greetings about New Year for you to wish your loved ones on WhatsApp.

New Year Greetings for Everyone

  • This is the time of the year when you must promise yourself not to do those err you have made in a previous Promise yourself to make this year better for yourself and others. Happy New Year with loads of Love.
  • May you have a year loaded with Love, Care, Kindness, Virtues, Happiness, Brightness and laughter that will enlighten your ways for long lasted peace! Wishing a very Happy New Year.
  • Let share your half sorrows with my half happiness and my half sorrow with your half happiness together this year to balance the glory and tears equally.

New Year Wishes for Parents

  • I am very lucky to have you as my parents as nobody has seen God but I have seen you as God made you for me. So, how beautiful and sympathetic you people are with me. I judged that how kind God will be 70 times more than you Thank you mum and bub for everything I have in shape of you and your blessings. Happy! Nappy! New Year with extreme Love and Care.

  • New Year Illuminations are dull if I could not able to see you in next morning, Oh My beloved Parents! Please stay with me forever as you know I am so coward in darkness without holding your hands. I wish I will always keep both of you with me till all the breathe I have in my body. Happy New Year!

Romantic New Year Greetings

  • I remained so busy in loving you that I could not find a single second to think that, Do 365 days has been passed? Yes! 365 are days are not enough to love you more and more. I need a century to love you so I pray, Oh Lord! Give me more years to love my beloved one. Happy New Year my Sweetheart!
  • I fall 1000 times a year but I could not get any injury or wound because I did not fall anywhere else in your love again and again. So, I want to fall for your love twice or thrice a day. I pray for more days with you. Happy New Year Darling!

General New Year Greetings For Everyone

  • 12 months comprised of 365 days; I pray in every moment for your happiness, joy and long life that Oh Lord! Just give me all sorrows of my friends to me and give my all happiness to him. That I cannot imagine him in pain for a single second. Happy New Year my dearest friend.

New Year

The Bottom Line…

New Year is not a holy event belongs to any culture, custom or tradition. It equally welcomes everyone to enjoy the blessings and pray for the resolutions you could not improve in yourself in previous years but hopefully, you will do next year. Enjoy feastings and fireworks especially in Germany Berlin, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and America.


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