Beyond Fabric Nishat Online Reality Show Illuminate Fashion Designing Process


Do you love fashion designing and every time search for something unique and impressive? Here is a most fabulous and first Nishat Online Reality Show that completes in the three episodes by illuminating the whole process of fashion designing. As fashion designing is interesting work, but you don’t know the nuts and bolts of it. So, Nishat linen, as provides you every year beautiful costumes, bearing on digital printing, valuable prints, expensive fabric, premium quality embroidery on it, as ready this Nishat online reality show to provide you knowledge as well as entertainment.

Beyond Fabric Nishat Online Reality Show

Latest Nishat Linen lawn outfits have been chosen to become a part of the contest. The 6 participants demonstrate their art in this Nishat Online Reality Show. The Six participants’ names are

  • Mazhar Javed
  • Nida Kazmi
  • Eymal Afzal
  • Shifa Mubarak
  • Asad Ateeq
  • Faiqa Shahid

Mood Board Development

The whole show was entertaining enough to tempt you till the end. In the first episode of the Nishat, Online reality show consists of the distribution of the fabric. In place of, two piece and three piece dresses. The first three contestants have granted two-piece dresses. Whereas, the next three contestants get three piece dress. Afterward, they have been asked to do some creativity in the fashion design. Illustrates different designs and styles of outfits to wear in a new way.

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Pattern development, Draping & Sewing

In the second episode, all of the contestants asked to assemble as well as create their designs truly. In order to ready an outfit, they have given fabric to cut and sewing machine to make ready it in a way they want to display the fabric.

Styling & Shoot

In the third episode of Nishat online Reality show, takes in the designs after wearing how it will look? All of the contestants present their outfits as much good way as possible. Who wins and who loses, it has been left to the audience to decide. After voting it will decided that who got 1st, second and third positions.

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