Pakistan government YouTube channel Suspended Over Copyright Assertions

Junejo's accusations concerning his videos has been stolen by Pakistan Government YouTube Channel


The official YouTube account of the Government of Pakistan suspended on charges of copyright infringement after local blogger, Irfan Junejo, told his footage utilized without getting permission from him. Junejo, Pakistan Government YouTube Channel, new frontier at the YouTube scene; identified for his travelogues which have become a viral sense.

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The clips in inquiry come from one of Junejo’s travelogues wherever the Pakistan Government YouTube Channel utilized his footage from Naran; by making it a part of their YouTube videos to promote ‘Family-friendly ventures in Pakistan’. Junejo told he nevermore asked beforehand if his clips could used via the Pakistan Government YouTube Channel; which directed to him to register a copyright infringement complaint with the video-sharing website.

“My clips taken earlier, by different associations and media channels. Notwithstanding, the Pakistan Government YouTube Channel is ‘stealing’ the videos. And at that time trying to say ‘I would be proud of it,’ is what upset me the greatest” Junejo, whose YouTube channel has 88,000 subscribers obtains a regular of 50,000 views on the videos.

In their protection, the Pakistani government stated their Youtube channel’s goal is to represent a soft image of Pakistan. The video in question had 400 views earlier than the channel taken off; “by reason of several third-party notifications of copyright infringement.”

Pakistan government YouTube channel Suspended

Zaigham Abbas, Coordinator/Focal Person Social Media Cell Govt of Pakistan told The Express Tribune, “We gave him video credits in the description of the video. We are promoting the work of local photographers and videographers”. Though, “just open-handed video credits does not mean you have the authorization to use the clips,” Junejo alleged.

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Junejo further said if permission had been gotten in advance; he “would have prepared a superior video designed for them [Pakistan Government YouTube Channel]”. However, “it’s wrong to steal somebody’s intelligent stuff; and even though not as good as to at that time protect it by saying one and all should be proud of it.”

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