Pakistan Received $5.27 Billion in Loans and Grants Throughout Present Financial Year of 2016-17


The Country of Pakistan received provisionally 5.27 billion to be precise 65% of the budgeted assessments of foreign assistance from multilateral and bilateral donors within present financial year. The financial year from July to March. The Economic Affairs Division (EAD) data exposed that Government loaned out $15 million. The government got a loan from Noor Bank PJSC in the month of March for the financial support. Take along the borrowing on or after commercial banks to $1.315 billion in the present financial year.

Pakistan Received $5.27 Billion in Loans and Grants Throughout Present Financial Year of 2016-17

The government loaned out $300 million from Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited in the month of January. Ministry of Financial has finalised arrangements for $600 million commercial loan from two Chinese banks to be utilised for the balance of payments. In addition to financial support and get $300 million in the month of January. Furthermore, the country borrowed $200 million from Noor Bank PJSC for the financial assistance. As well as, it borrowed from China development Bank $700 million, in the month of September, such as non-project aid. Likewise, the government allowed Sukuk of $1 billion at 6.5% of the rate of return for the duration of under reviewed.

What’s more, there are unbudgeted loans, from the EAD data, $19 million from Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) the government has borrowed in the present financial year. The data shows that government borrowed $5 million from the Eco Trade Bank in the month of February which was not budgeted. The EAD data displays that country got $5.271 billion in the present financial year. In contradiction of $5.402 billion throughout the same period of last showing a decline of $131 million.

Grants of $7.998 Billion For 2016-17

The government made financial arrangements outside help of $7.998 billion for 2016-17 containing grants. As well as, loans against $9.18 billion budgeted for 2015-16. The scheduled estimates include a significant amount of $2.005 billion loans from commercial banks for 2016-17.

The country gets $192.13 million in March with $179.66 million loans besides $12.46 million grants. The newest figures show that the state provisionally takes $4.926 billion in loans. And $345.58 million grant in the present fiscal year. Pakistan gets $1.033 billion from China in the recent financial year together with $0.75 million in March; in contradiction of the budgeted $572.3 million for the present fiscal year. The country received $615.66 million from China in the same period of last year.

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