Para-normal Activities: Believes, Fear and Reality


Many illusions sometimes remain in sight like you feel you see something roaming around beside the tip of your eye, when you see there you find nothing like what you felt. It almost happens with all of us like if we are alone in our home or a place and light get off suddenly it seems like someone is also with us in that place we are sitting. What are these emotions? Are these emotions or reality? What is our belief about such rumors? Is it really like, these are rumors, realities or our mindset? What these feelings are called. Science called it “Paranormal activity”.

What actually Para-norms and ‘Paranormal activities’ are?
The activity that some people have a claim they have seen some moving objects that have changed shape in just a single blink in front of them and suddenly these things became vanish. Is this a ghost kind of thing? Or some alien and powers that do not exist on our planet, Earth. Scientific experiences and evidences prove for the state ‘Telekinesis’ (a physical power in someone’s eye to change the directions of already placed things to another place). Science called it extrasensory telepathy. Do it really exist with scientific logic? Yes, even science believes that Telekinesis is a phenomenon beyond the normal understanding of science.
Para normal Activities - MMTVParanormal stuff and Religious inter connectivity 
Many people have seen in their surroundings in the late night or after midnights such happening in that they have seen someone is flying in the air, sitting beside them or a noise in the air. What are these haunted kind of horror stuff? Different religions in the world have different beliefs such as Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism and Islam. They called it superpowers especially in Christianity and Hinduism they deal them with their religious book’s solution. Hinduism calls for their ‘Holy Mantar’ by god and goddesses to get rid of the 3rd world powers they don’t know which planet these powers concerns with. Islam called it another creation of God that is discussed in their Islamic Book and so they also deal with them accordingly their beliefs.

Who helps you to get rid of the situation of paranormal situation?
According to American Science, three people are involved in this situation actually such as Ghost Hunters, Psychic Investigators and Paranormal State on a haunted place. This was also shown on an American television show with movie name ‘Paranormal Activity’s Series’. This series has increased a trend in humans to know more about and indulge in it to get proper information what is factual and what is fake.
Paranormal Activities and Fear - MMTVWhat to do to reduces this fear?
People with this fear cannot move around all alone. What do they do? They keep the charms with their gods belonging stuff to stay the 3rd world creature away from them. Such as Christian keep ‘Christ Cross’ to keep these para-norms away from them. This kind of stuff attached with beliefs can keep them calm and reduce their fear away.

This is a belief but how to overcome it; as all depend upon the mental activity
Science gives a logic there, nobody knows what the reality is but with a rapid-fire is “to stay calm and keep your mind cool”. Near to Scientific logics: Illusions can settle with mindset.
Fear and Worries - MMTVBottom Line is…
Paranormal activities and beliefs; is the topic people touch to write on it more often because different people have unlike notions to understand it. Near to this information; what were the important logics overall has been given were tried best to convey. So for more updates stay tuned to browse MMTV to get latest entertainment news as well.

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