PEMRA Order 79 Illegal Urdu Channels To Be Blocked


Pakistan Electronic Media Authority (PEMRA) has been issued a circular due to getting a lot of complaints in contradiction of channels. Whereas, the complaint related channels are not registered even under the database of PEMRA. These channels are unlicensed, that are also illegal channels, those particular channels are airing to local audiences over and done with local cable operators. Due to having appropriate Urdu language as well as local content; besides, the operators consider particular  unlicensed channels relevant in their networking and pick up to air them.

What is more, the unlicensed channels dwell in apertures in spreading networks. On the other hand, same slots are set aside designed for PEMRA’s licensed TV channels. Furthermore, these channels have standard “Urdu content” popular Urdu language in addition TV service operators; whichever on purpose or by mistake, as well as air these channels on their comparative distribution networks.

Furthermore, these channels are not protected by PEMRA’s supervisory check; as well as they have not been in the regulatory authority’s control. Moreover, they are free to broadcast bad-mannered, coarse and superstitious content. However, if these channels aren’t be controlled, they can easily mislead people. Further, they will also go trouble creating, disquieting and objectionable for a lot of people. 79 channels are airing without having been registered at PEMRA Database.

Unlicensed Channels via PEMRA’s Database

G World N News Barkat TV
Global News Pak Plus Champions TV
Global Punjab Pegham Cineplex
God Bless TV Praise TV Cinema 1
Gold TV Sargam Cinema 2
GR8 Shop Now Diamond TV
Hadi TV Star Action ATV
Ham Sab Star Cinema Falak News
Jet TV Star Max News 11
King TV S TV News 24/7
Life News Super Screen AS News
Mehak Tehlka News Filmasia
Message TV Theatre TV Filmone
MK G television Filmo Rhythm
MLQ Movies Uni Plus Wasal Urdu News
Moviesone Watan News TV 1
Movies Box V TV Azad TV
Movies Masti Cutters 1 Arooj Global
Movie Time M4U AS Movies
Movies 24 MLQ Movies Dhanak
Movies Max Noor TV Dil TV
Movies PK On TV Gawahi
Pukaar 7
Hmara News Grand

The authority has well-arranged all TV service operators together with cable operators; headed for instantly take out the 79 channels labeled illegal by PEMRA. Regulation-21 of PEMRA (Distribution Service Operations) Regulations-2011 requirements; that delivery service licensee shall distribute merely; those TV channels that have a valid license from PEMRA.

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