Why People Anxiously Waiting to Welcome Summer?



After a long winter duration, finally, we are here to welcome the summer wholeheartedly. Summer is all about to be cool, chill and relax. Moreover, it is coming with blasting tasty fruits and many more for this cool month to welcome up. Summer in Pakistan and India holds for a very long period of time nearly for 7 to 8 months, starts from April and ends in the mid of November. Summer is the hottest season of all the time in India and Pakistan but most interesting and blissful for kids to enjoy swimming, hilly regions, eating ice-cream, lassi, and most of all eating King Fruit of all fruits i.e. Mango.


chill Summer

Summer is Famous for the Following Reasons among Everyone among Indo-Pak People.

Long Summer Vacation

Children enjoy school off in the summer season. That’s why it is their favourite month. Well, it is one of the four moderate seasons of the year which falls between spring and autumn. They do vacation work so fast. The rest of the months spent enjoying the summer fun activities to the fullest include swimming, water play, gardening and outdoor activities that boost their learning power. All in one out, chilly Summer Vacation is the cool gift for children and a headache for parents to somehow LOL!

Summer Vacation Kids Craze

Move to Goa, Shimla, Gilgit or Murree

The temperature in summer goes to 40 to 50 degrees centigrade in summer. That’s why many people move to the northern areas. In India, approx. 20% of people of total India move to Shimla or Goa to enjoy summer where the temperature remains 20 degrees centigrade to the max. While people of Pakistan move to the Murree or Gilgit Baltistan where the temperature remains 15-degree centigrade in summer.

Everyone love to be bald

Everybody in summer loves to be bald because sweltering teases their head. So, the major thing they love to adapt to cut down all their hair from their head. It is another easy way to get rid of the hot summer while it is also known with summer fashion of common public in Indo-Public.

benefits of summer bald

Love to Eat Ice-creams

In winter, it is not easy to have ice cream because you will be gifted with cough and throat irritations issues. So, summer is a plus point for ice cream lovers to have a lot of ice-cream in summer. Kids love to eat colourful ice-lollies. It is also famous with the name “Gola Ganda in India”. At the night time, you will see Fanatics of Pani-Puri on the roads in huge amount. They come out of their house when sunsets to enjoy this sour traditional stuff.

summer icecreams

Mango Lover’s fond to be a Mangolicious

Summer is considered to be the king of all seasons because it comes up with a king fruit of all fruits, Mango. Everyone is mangolicious, there are uncountable recipes about mangoes, from shakes, juices, pickles, jams, bakes, and eating simply like a fruit. Mango is the header of every fruit; liked and loved by every kid, young and elder. You will see craze of mango before summer.  Mango comes up with many types include Anwar Latour, Chonsa, Acchari Amm and many more. These are some famous categories of mango.

summer mango craze

Summer Cool Colors – Dresses and Shoes

You will see every second person with sunglasses, cool slipper kind of shoes and clothing will be in cool colours includes yellow, sky blue, lilac, grey, light pink and white are famous colours of summer dress up.

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