PIA Flight Attendant Caught in Heroin Smuggling Scandal in Paris


As Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) is every time passing through scandals, so, there is another one of them. Behind the interview of a flight attendant who trapped by drugs in Paris this Sunday, one more member of the PIA team, a flight steward, has been detained thru the French authorities.

PIA Flight Attendant Caught in Paris To Heroin Smuggling

Two members of the cabin staff, visiting on an Islamabad-Paris flight (PK-749), trapped smuggling narcotics on sustenance the flight. Tanveer Gulzar, in cooperation with his so-called assistant Amir Moeen, trapped with four packets of drugs that hidden inside secret pockets placed on his coat. The French authorities recuperated the narcotics and imprisoned the blamed, after acting out a body keep an eye on Tanveer Gulzar. The quality of the drugs has not displayed as of yet. A PIA representative informed.

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A Flight Attendant Trapped by Drugs in Paris

All the same, drugs captured as of the control of the cabin staff participant; the PIA controlling has not known regarding the type and measure of drugs. Tanveer Gulzar, the PIA overseer who trapped with drugs by the French customs. However, going to a hotel intended for rest deferred by the administration and will terminated as of service in the light of consequence of the inquiry led by the French authorities.

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Apart from the ones apprehended by the French officials, the rest of the PIA staff on flight PK-749 returned to Pakistan this Sunday. Amir Moeen, the PIA flight attendant, caught in Paris to heroin smuggling, by the French authorities after Tanveer’s testimony. Nevertheless, he has not charged so far. Amir Moeen will also suspended and kick out if the French authorities uphold his participation in the drug smuggling occurrence.

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