How to Pick a Perfect Nose Ring for Your Wedding? Nose Hoops trends 2019


Nose rings have been worn conventionally during weddings because it has done all thorough in the traditional way. Asia brides looks are incomplete if she is not fully ready accordingly the 80s customs. Marriages happen once in a while. But for some years in between, this trend has been seen a decline but now in 2018, 80s trends sudden rose up again. Nose rings are back though for Asian bridal trends, and how! You’ll get to choose from different sizes and styles as many girls have an elongated face, wide forehead faced or face with a sharp nose. But you must be choosey for your wedding dress ups that get-ups you and boosts your look on the day of your wedding.

Chiseled face

If you have sharp looks, wear a segmented nose ring. Chiseled face most probably has dimples depth in cheeks, like Sonakshi Sinha It looks really good with high cheekbones as she is pretty faced. Sonakshi Sinha has been seen in her debut role in movie ‘Dabangg’ and you must agree, her looks were subtle and elegant.

Long face nose pins

Long face

If the shape of your face is lengthened, go for the bejeweled hoop rings, it suits with pearls only. The heavy ring strengths the extensive forehead and thin chin. You can choose from crystal, pearls, silver or colored beads it is also in the hit list of the nose ring trends 2019. If you want an orientation, remembrance of Sonam Kapoor’s looks stunning on a fashion show at Cannes 2018.

Sharp Nose

If you have a sharp nose that is the prime dynamic look of your face, the conventional Tamil and Marathi nose ring (Nath) is the nose ring for you. An overturned paisley shape (looks like a comma), it is made of pearls and a colored gem – mostly pink, red or green in color. Priyanka Chopra bejeweled hoop looks stunning in Bajirao Mastani rocked and roll her role in the movie.

Wide forehead heart formed the face

Wear a nose ring that directs to take the care away from the forehead as many girls have the issue that their width of forehead could not cover her looks stunning on her wedding day. So, don’t be conscious because a big hoop nose ring as a trend in 2019 with long chains looks good for wide foreheaded face. Looks of Aishwarya Rai Buchan in Jodha Akbar.

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Oval Face

Heavily embroidered hoop nose rings with adorned chain looks well on such face shapes. Actually, nose rings suit more on such oval-shaped face. Deepika Padukone wore such nose rings in Bajirao Mastani later it became a trend in 2019. Actually, she is the one who ON this trend for 2019 on her own wedding.

How to Pick a Perfect Nose Ring for Your Wedding

Small face

Don’t overpower the look with heavy nose rings on the small face that seems your face to be smaller anyhow. You can wear such a nose pin called (Koka) in daily wears. You can have a silver design or a plain crystal stud like a nail in the wall. LOL! Shruti Hassan exemplifies here with the role in Rumaiyya Wastavaiya movie.

Square face

Strong cheekbones and squarish face shaped lady can choose elongated nose hoops that suit them more. They may come with a small add-on that goes around like a nose ring like a small pearled designed as glamourizing diamond. Rani Mukherjee’s looks stunning in “Dil Bole Hadippa” movie. For more such info subscribe MMTV today for push notifications.

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