Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas; Wedding decide on heaven’ settled on Earth


These days Bollywood marriages are happening with a trend of looking at each other. LOL! It seems like a couple looks at the other happily married couple and then decide to get married. They decide to have “a heaven made a couple”. #DeepVeer was heard a biggest bombarded event happened in Bollywood last week. Similarly, Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas wedding are also going to be settled soon in the start of December at Jodhpur India. The cute love story begins when Priyanka and Nick met on the Oscar party at 2017. Nick just set his knees down with a flower and purposed her in front of family and friends of Priyanka. This 26 years old guy fell in love with 36 years old Miss Universe of her time, Priyanka Chopra.
Nick and Priyanka - MMTVPriyanka Chopra; Miss Universe of Indian in 2000
Priyanka Chopra, a successive stardom in Bollywood, a name needs no introduction. With her millions of famous scripts he just wrote a charm herself on the feathers of her luck. This beauty Queen earned the title of “Miss Universe” in 2000. She has worked with very famous scripts get awarded; includes Aitraaz, Dostana, Fashion, Don, Barfi, Muhse Shadi Karogi and super hit of all the time was Mary Kom. These movies are the best leads in her career.

Career and Success
Her successive career and talent took her to the Hollywood industry. She was offered various movies to sign. She did a great job with them as well. She debuted many Hollywood songs. She got a fame of her name in 2015 then Nick came to know about her and 1st he messaged her on Twitter for the first time in 2016. She responded to him well. And a start of friendship among a brown and a white heart was amazing and got ready to mingle.
Priyanka and Nick Pics 2018 - MMTVNick Jonas; American Stardom dust flew to India
Nicholas Jerry Jonas; short name Nick Jonas is an American singer, writer, director, producer and love bird of dynamic lady Priyanka Chopra. He is 26 by age. He is a well-known name where a million girls were ready to die after him. But he chose the beautiful and graceful lady Priyanka suited of his love to spend his whole life with her. He took her in a song for a video performance in 2014. Then, suddenly he messaged her on Twitter. According to Priyanka, ‘the first time I felt it is just a ‘HOWDY! But later it was an air of love by Nick. How beautifully he made me him, I will never forget that’.

Career and Success
His career success started at the first bombarded movie “Camp Rock” where lastly in 2017 his famous script and performance in ‘Beauty and the Beast’ with ‘Emma Watson’ was a hit. Overall, his reputation being a stardom is best known among his fanatics. Being a celebrity he is a kind-hearted person as he used to do a lot of charity.
Nick Jonas - MMTVMore about Wedding News at Jodhpur India.
As per announced dates, Wedding is going to happen with all warm love and craziness in Indian Culture style at Jodhpur India. This so historical kind of wedding venue seems like a wedding would be pure in Hindi touch where many of Nick’s friends are invited to join them where family, friends and other big stars are called to give a hustle and bustle of the shinning evening to Wedding Day.
Priyanka Chopra and Nick - MMTVStay Tuned
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