PTI Foundation Day Celebration Held In The UAE


In Dubai, on the occasion of PTI Foundation day celebration, there was a grand celebration held. The ceremony started with recitation of Quraan which has been done by Mr. Kamran Ahmed Riaz. Ms. Rehmeena Was stage secretary. On occasion, a large number of people take part from various states of PTI UAE.

PTI Foundation Day Celebration

While speaking on the PTI Foundation Day celebration, Mr. Irfan Afsar Awan, President PTI UAE, put light on the 22 years hard work of Mr. Imran Khan. Furthermore, he said to be a part of new Pakistan by taking part in PTI. The only way to make it true is, to work selflessly for PTI. For the reason, that to serve PTI is actually, Pakistan’s serve.

Mr. Irfan Afsar Awan further brief about PTI’s structure in the UAE, in front of new members. And he invited people to work for PTI by coming in the frontline.

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Deputy president of PTI UAE, Chuhdary Dilawar Hussain said: we’ll collectively support Mr. Imran Khan. In order to, get rid of these thieves and corrupt people the only way is to make Mr. Khan Prime Minister. The only way to accomplish this actual goal is to throw out the greed of positions and work for PTI’s betterment. He appreciates Mr. Irfan Afsar Awan and other team members to make strong PTI UAE region.

He further stated that they would work for their PTI collectively and he shows contentment on the performance of PTI UAE.

PTI Foundation Day Celebration UAE

In the PTI Foundation Day celebration, Mr. Aamir Waqas, Mr. Chuhdary Shahid Nazeer Warraich, Mr. Kamran Ahmed Riaz; Mr. Muhammad Ajmal Saeed, Mr. Fakhar Abbas, Mr. Jamshed Faazil, Mr. Sajjad Hussain Abbasi and some other party members perform their speeches. Furthermore, they ask for the unity of all party members.

In the end, cake cutting for PTI Foundation Day celebration, done; in which Dubai and all other regions’ members and Dubai Event Management Committee took part.

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