RAHUL GANDHI’s Historical Visit to Dubai


Indian’s political party Congress’s President, “Rahul Gandhi” has set up a visit to Dubai to meet the Indian expats there. He addressed with the Indian community of Dubai and concluded two points overall about his visit to Dubai. He finished it with enforcing the India and Dubai’s best relationships. They agreed on it with the best financial and political support that is required to Indian’s expats by Dubai. He said that he is has come up to ease the Indian student’s issues in universities if they face any kind of problems we will resolve it with Indian Aid.

Rahul Gandhi’s Motive for Indian Diaspora

He has come up here on two days tour in Dubai but being an Indians most lovable political party’s president he got a warm welcome by the Indian expats lives in Dubai. He said; “I have gained all the purposes for what I have come up in Dubai to meet the Indian Diaspora’s issues, with meeting the UAE’s Minister”. In his two days visit, he not only commemorated with the warm welcome by Indians and UAE’s ministry but also got some famous visits there like on Friday he visited Sheikh Zayed Mosque with the motive of ministry’s own welcome or royal visit.

Rahul Gandhi’s Motive for Indian Diaspora

His Inspirational and motivational words for Indians

He further said on an occasion; “I came up for you my Indian people but I have got two things in return from Dubai; that still if Indians are living in Dubai but their heart still beating for the Indians ministry we honoured that they are enlightening Indians culture in Dubai with their own recognition. We as a servant of the nation always here to serve you with best. I came for the Indians but taking the warm love of the people of UAE from them. I found no disorder in the relevancy of the love they keep. It is all real no fake has been shown in front of me. I love the spirit they are sharing Dubai’s community with”.

A Historical Overview of his life 

Rahul Gandhi is the grandson of Jawaharlal Nehru and the son of the Ranjiv and Sonia Gandhi. He belongs to the famous chapter of the Nehru-Gandhi family. His achievements include “Indian Youth Congress and the National Students Union of India”. He approved some laws for the people of Uttar Pradesh in the 16th Lok Sabha. His life is full of achievements that is unlike other politicians.

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Two Days Tour with many dreams in hand for Indians’ Expats:

He has passed many bills in the ministry of the UAE for the easiness of the people of the Dubai. They are agreed according to his promises made by him with them for the common cause of the students from India studying in Gulf universities. He has eased their ways and made them able to open the door for the best careers in Dubai. They don’t have a need to study in Dubai and for the job have to go abroad. He said hopefully these promises will worth work. For more alike political gossip with flitters and fries in evening tea, you have to subscribe MMTV.

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