Ramadan Kareem Openly Eating & Drinking Prohibition Bill


There has been declared a fine of Rs. 500 for the people who eat or smoke in Ramadan Kareem openly. Besides, those people will also throw into prison for three months. The Ramadan Kareem senate bill has been approved. The Religious affairs handling Senate Standing Committee approved Ehtram-e-Ramadan Bill Muslims are expected to fast during Ramadan. The new law stops citizens from eating or smoking openly during Ramadan, through violators getting fined if they do so. On the word of the Ramadan Kareem Senate bill, violators will be charged fine of Rs. 500 together with 3-months of imprisonment.

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Ramadan Kareem Senate Bill

The new law has also transformed the fine selection for TV channels, hotel owners, and cinemas. Hotel owners will be fined Rs. 25,000. In addition, the TV channels or cinema houses will be accused Rs. 500,000 or further if they will violate. This law has been introduced in Jan by Senator Tanveer Khan in a Senate session. The Ramadan kareem senate bill demands strict action in contradiction of the people and places who violate it in Ramadan Kareem. Furthermore, the law has been approved thru Senate Standing Committee and will be put in action.

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Ehtram e Ramadan Bill

The issue of cinema houses has also been discussed in the Senate meeting; the recommendation goes in three hours after iftar and three hours every morning it should be close; for the duration of Ramadan Kareem. The Minister of State, Religious Affairs and Inter-faith Harmony, Pir Amin Ul Hasnat Shah, give his recommendation to close cinemas for the whole month.

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It should be pointed out that the same laws be present in further Muslim majority countries on top. It is prohibited to eat or drink openly before iftar in additional Muslim nations. The countries like Saudi Arabia and UAE, have these laws for mutually Muslims and non-Muslims. On the other hand, these rules excused pregnant women and children as of the punishments; meanwhile punishing them is considered discourteous in the course of Ramadan.

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