How to read face – An art to be a good Observer


Having capability of reading face is an art; how someone can build himself in this art without getting any academic certificates. It is not as difficult as you think if you are a good observer about happenings in your surroundings so in short, a good observer can be a good face reader apart from facial or verbal expressions and gestures. Let us discuss in detail about how, when, why and what you can guess with the help of face expressions if you are a good observer. We presume things without saying any words with the gestures or body language.

Wise Quoted – A Good Observer can be a good gestures’ reader beyond imaginations.

Types of expressions with endless emotions

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Face reading is an old art of analyzing people’s nature and character depend upon facial features or expressions. There are 7 kinds of expressions we are going to discuss in detail in this blog or possibly may going to help you more. Every facial feature whenever shows expression has psychological meaning. Many emotional traits such as sadness, happiness, wisdom, anxiety, honesty, keened and promising behavior, anger, fear, disgust, surprise, shock, anticipation, pity, shame, envy, love, self-attention, shyness, modesty, blushing, despair, isolation, divine, devotion, and spirits. There is an endless list of emotions that people cannot hide even that feeling remains printed on their face that is visible for others to read easily.

How to learn read emotions?

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  • Happiness: When someone is showing extra teeth with smiles of a glowing joy aimlessly. It means that he/she is happy without any reason. Someone can be judged by the body language.
  • Sadness: When you are hiding tears and a feel of wrinkles on your forehead or your eyes are neutral showing no happy or sad feel then it seems to be you are unhappy or facing something heart rendering.
  • Anger: if someone’s face is blushing and seems to be red like tomato or his eyebrows are wrinkled and his voice tone is offensive then it is a symbolization to furious state.
  • Surprise: When you are not known to a fact that is possibly related to you and suddenly you came to know about that you take it as a surprising reaction. The surprising reaction would be like, “A face with so many questions, this person would see here and there aimlessly. It means a face with so many question marks on it. The person will see here and there so much and will be in anxiety You will see a wandered smile on his face. Kind of “Shocking Face”.

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 How you can interlink the expressions and Emotions?

When you look at the faces then you can observe the ideas about emotions either you can judge them very well. Your verbal presence about any gestural expression makes you a better orator.

What to do to be a good observer – Advices Panel to be the one?

Good Observer remains quiet and looks around to witness what is clear then decide according to own mindful activity.

  • He must Judges: One who judges and guesses the things can be a good observer anyhow.
  • He listens: A listener can be a good face reader. Because he humbly reacts upon things.
  • He is an optimist: An optimist is the one who has the ability to take worthy decisions rather than making decisions on rough ideas because of his judgment based on long term planning. If you are a pessimist you can take decisions.

At Last Develop your Interpretations:

A wise always remain quite during observations he always develops his interpretation when almost everyone is done with their decisions.


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