A Review of the King Khan’s Movie; ZERO


Shahrukh Khan is the first person in the Bollywood Industry known with the name of King Khan. There are many other Khans working in the film industry of B-town such as Salman Khan, Arbaaz Khan, Amir Khan, and Saif Ali Khan. But being the best actor, he tried his best to give all he can do to fulfil a character completely. A man of honour who is not only making his fans happy but being a kind-hearted person, he is a philanthropist in himself by giving huge donations and charities.

Introduction of King Khan

King Khan also is known as “Badshah of Bollywood joined the television in the 1980s. His parents moved to Indian from Peshawar and Afghanistan to New Delhi. He belongs to a Muslim family and completed his Masters from Muslim schooling to University.

Introduction of King Khan

He is married to a Hindu girl called Gauri with three kids, Aryan, Suhana and Abram. He has done thousands of hit award-winning scripts and has made a place in the hearts of his fans. This marvellous stardom will always remain alive in every heart. He is the 2nd richest actor in the world with net worth of $600 million.

Uniqueness is known for “King of Romance in B-Town”

King Khan is unique and famous for doing romance within a different style. When a girl or boy in his movies falls in love, then the musical heartbeat shaped as the violin beaters in surroundings with wavy cool breeze also a joy with him/her in slow motion means the world has just stopped by, to enjoy the symphony of his love in slow motion. Every movie is based on unique romance when he has to confess his love; it starts raining that helps him to convey a message when he gives his closeness to his love. That’s why he is known as the “King of Romance” of Bollywood industry.

Uniqueness is known for “King of Romance in B-Town

Revolving Point of Story of the Movie

Zero was a stunning and amazing story released on 21 December 2018, another masterpiece of Shahrukh Khan that people waited for the last 2 years; the centre of the story is; there is a man short in physique but big on love with a lot of dreams, a spinster meets two very diverse women who expand his limits and support him to find the purpose in life.

Live Reviews about Script of Zero

People have rated this movie ‘5 out of 5’ in the first week while with $66.8million earned business. They reviewed to a news channel that SRK came back with a bursting movie but at the end, it seems like everything has been thrown into the wall that bounces back as happy endings. A sudden happy ending disappoints them without concluding the problems faced by SRK as a short stature bachelor.

A special thankful role played by Salu Bhai

Salman Khan is a lead role in a song ‘Ishaqbaazi’ appeared as item person liked by the people, how beautifully they performed it Salman Khan is a big guy while Shahrukh Khan is playing on his laps and shoulder being a short guy. Super song famous before the release of the movie, 6 months ago.

A special thankful role played by Salu Bhai

Reviews about Anushka Sharma and Katrina Kaif

The role played by these two hot and beautiful ladies, by spreading the love on a bachelor small boy that enlightens his heart with big dreams. These two ladies with remarkable love showered on him just because of his pity condition that must be sympathized. Overall, the movie is best to go get a ticket and watch it with a new spice that has been shared by MMTV. Stay connected for more reviews of your favourite stars’ movies.

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