How Rising Star Umar Duzz Got Fame – A YouTuber Guy


A Small Win-Win Intro

23 million views of very initial cover Mashup shows how crazy is the youth for an artist and what is the quality of the voice of a singer. We are discussing here Umar Duzz undoubtedly a Rising Star, a great talent with lots of future opportunities. In just two-three years he has touched the height of skies so much so that u tube sent him a souvenir, silver plate as a token of his popularity.

Umar Duzz - YouTuber Guy

His Performances After Earning Popularity

He has performed in Pakistan and abroad in many musical concerts. Apart from tunes, his melodious voice is really a gift of heavens and Umar knows the art of using his got gifted talent according to the mode and demand of song. an example can be quoted from his cover Remix Mashups with the Legend Naseebo Laal a senior artist wherein the Umar Duzz has earned lots of fame and appreciation from the critics.

The best thing about him is that like all true artists his lust for learning and innovative experiences are at its peak. Recently he has shouted videos of his songs at Dubai in unique style performing in the video as a model also with Russian Dancers.

An Opportunity Must be Given to Self-Standbys

As Pakistan is considered to come up in the list of developing countries where many talented people cannot raise up just because they have not got any opportunity. There are many super talented kids, young ones and artists who could not get any chance to show their talents. Well, since 2015 there are many platforms introduced to get to enhance your singing talent over there, these include Pepsi; battle of the bands, Coke Studio Seasons and Pakistan Idol.

How Naseebo Laal Contributes to his Popularity?

Naseebo Laal helps him when he just started his career without knowing that he will get popularity or not. She did it just with a clean heart. She said this in her keen interview with MMTV team,

“I have believed in Umar because he has a voice hidden behind the curtain of hopelessness. He said to me, I will never get popular, I suggested him not to lose hope and try again and again, he did same now his efforts are in front of the World”.

The Bottom Line…

In the nutshell, Umar Duzz did a self-effort to get popular and now he is standing in the list of famous stardom of Pakistan representing Pakistan abroad in a good way.


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