ROBO 2; Reviews, Hits, Likes and Rock or a Flop on Box Office?


Past intro:

Nobody denied the value of the ROBO 1 noise beats at drum of popularity. It was not only a beat about the bush but a hit of the twentieth century. Where Sir Rajnikanth played a dual role of a scientist and a Robot made by that scientist. He wanted to make a machine comprises of similar emotions and feelings like a human brain and hearts feel. ROBO 1 was the victory of popularity earned a business of the 300 crore INR in the first two weeks while 88 crores in 3rd week with a budget of 1.32 billion INR. According to the IMDb, 87% people in the world give it thumbs up while got 60 rotten tomatoes.

robo 1

ROBO 2 Intro:

ROBO 2 has joined the Bollywood after 19 years when ROBO 1 broke all the records of earned businesses. While ROBO 2 is considered as less compare to ROBO 1 but it also broke all records of the ROBO 1. With an amazing theme that scientists help the government how to overcome a threat that has been hovering in the world and proves a fatal person for the common people.


The logic of the story is set as per the bad and good recognition in the world. How to save your side from the bad and prepare yourself to be proved a good one for the common people. The theme is great with amazing costumes

Is story belongs to Illuminati fervour?

What is Illuminati fervour? It is an admiration of devil and worshipping him by denying other gods and take everything for granted for the will of devil’s evil. As it is said and considered the one but nobody knows the reality. A very open fact is, firstly this movie was offered to Amir Khan but he refuses the movie by saying that Rajnikanth is best to play the role. Rajni sir call Amir Khan by himself but he denied the offer I am not capable for this role.

Top or a Drop on box office:

It’s a top and pop rock on the box office. Many people could not resemble it with the previous squeal. It has earned the business of ₹79.24 billion with the budget of 52.24 billion INR. The Indian skills of making best of the movies with the fine purity of realism make these movies worth watching like happening something in surroundings.

Akshay Kumar vs Rajnikanth Role

Akshay Kumar a very well-known stardom artiste of the B-town. A name needs no introduction with millions of hits since 50 years career in B-Town while Rajnikanth a name famous in Tamil film industry of India. Tamil movies had gotten fame due to enormous hits of the Sir Rajni. Many debuted has been transformed for Hindi lingo to earn a double profit and yes these are earning in triples.

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