Salman Khan is Uncomparable on Box Office: Shah Rukh Khan


The superstar of Bollywood Shah Rukh Khan express his views about Salman Khan. Khan said that he cannot establish superiority over Salman at the Box Office and none of the Indian superstar can do it. He was talking to an Indian Magazine when he stated, let’s look at it in this way. I cannot compete with Salman Khan at Box Office. And no one of us can, and it is the reality. On a question about pay inequality between male and female actors in Bollywood. Shah Rukh said that market forces manage the payment in the film industry because they represent the result at the turnstiles.

Salman Khan is Uncomparable on Box Office: Shah Rukh Khan

“When we ask for equal payment of both male and female, a lot of pressure is put on women actors to promote the movie on their personal steam. However, I know that female artists work five times harder than men. But get paid ten times less than men”, Shah Rukh added.

Shahrukh khan and Salman

While talking about his productions, he elaborated that he attempts to pay them as much as he can. “In my little individual way, I asked for their names to appear earlier than mine in the credit roll. I co-produced films with the women actors and directors. I believe on this I am the change. I always see a story from a female’s point of view, make sure the woman’s role is meaty”, the Raees star added.

“Today, Priyanka Chopra, Deepika Padukone, and Katrina Kaif take home great pay packages, more than several heroes. And they deserve it. I don’t know if they get more than Salman or me, but they celebrated for their worth.” Shah Rukh Khan’s upcoming movie ‘Raees’ is near to release and his passionate fans are waiting with full excitement. Rahul Dholakia is the director of this action film. While Gauri Khan, Ritesh Sidhwani, and Farhan Akhtar mutually gives its production. Mahira Khan is also in the cast of Raees which scheduled to release on 25th of Jan, 2017.

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