Latest Android Launch By Samsung Galaxy Folder 2 Flip Phone


In the age of up to date technology, Samsung has launched a unique Samsung Galaxy Folder 2 Flip phone in South Korea. The new launch is due to provide its customers with an easy and cool experience. You have experienced the flip phones but along with age-old systems. Here is the upgraded phone in the Flip. Samsung facilitates its customers with the new phone systems. The first flip phone was launched in 2013. However, this phone has launched in South Korea.
As stated by the Samsung, the phone is made of the lean metal body. However, when it comes to the features of the phone, these are upgraded ones. Samsung Folder 2 Flip phone features 2 GB RAM. The phone has a 1.4GHz quad-core processor. The battery power is a bit less 1,950 mAh. The internal storage of the phone is 16 GB. The storage also has an option to be enhanced via card slot up to 256 GB.

Samsung Galaxy Folder 2 Flip Phone Features

Samsung Galaxy Folder 2 Flip Phone
The phone operating system runs on the Android 6.0. The photography is also available for this phone. The primary camera of the phone is 8 megapixels along with an LED Flash. On the other hand, there are 5 megapixels of selfie shooter. The Samsung has increased its ringtones volumes from 11 level to 13 for the sake of middle-aged people. Above and beyond, Samsung Galaxy Folder 2 Flip phone have 15 exclusive ringtones inside it.
There are two options for the phone the one is just 3G. On the other hand, the nest one features 4G LTE. The Samsung Galaxy Folder 2 Flip phone comes into a couple of colors. The one color is black, however, the other burgundy. The phone looks beautiful in all of its colors. The new phone will like by its customers because of individuality. Samsung Galaxy Folder 2 Flip phone price is $260.

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