Samsung Galaxy S9 Specification and Price


Time is up! Every so often it teased in several highlights of Samsung upcoming smartphones, same as to iPhone X; the facial recognition feature. Popular 2017 Galaxy S8, Samsung count on chiefly on the iris scanner to achieve the goal. Moreover, Samsung Galaxy S9 enhanced on this front. To catch a hint concerning how the face recognition feature of Samsung Galaxy S9 is superior to forerunners; SamCentral dug deep into the settings APK of Galaxy Note 8’s Oreo beta, and it’s the thing what they set up.

Samsung Galaxy S9 with Face ID

“Better precision and security” A combined effect, in the middle of the shooter lens and the iris scanner. Samsung Galaxy S9 improved facial recognition; and security features based on the fact that there a hidden ‘Intelligent Scan’ feature in Note 8’s Oreo beta that cooperatively practices the iris scanner and camera lens’ skill on behalf of face detection.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Face Recognition

Galaxy Note 8 presented dazzling outcomes in “low or very bright” lighting; and the experts are of the view that Galaxy S9’s face recognition for locking/unlocking the phone will be much better than its competitors and predecessors. Samsung may parade this ‘hidden’ feature in the forthcoming Galaxy S9 as a certain go up to face recognition system. Furthermore, it’s evident that as soon as the complete version of Android Oreo upgrade available; this enhanced locking/unlocking feature will further possible for the Galaxy S8/ S8+ users.

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Exynos 9810/Snapdragon 845 chips of the Galaxy S9 will mainly have the capability for Samsung pay or other characteristics that be subject to the new facial recognition feature. What persists to be examined here is that either both the camera and iris scanner work collectively; regardless of the light conditions or if the iris scanner is only used in low light situations with the shooter lens doing its job in the daylight.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Specifications and Price

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