Sara Ali Khan in Simmba: 3rd Squeal of Singham



Who is there in the world not known to Saif Ali Khan; a big name in B-town married with Amrita Singh in 1991. This marriage remained strange among fans of these two celebrities because this was a love marriage while the goddess of this couple was elder than the love guy. Their love share two kids, a baby girl and a baby boy. Saif Ali Khan Daughter is now turning to 25 years old. It time to switch on the career with a family tradition of joining Bollywood.

Sara Ali Khan; a gust in Stardust

This sizzling and hot charming lady is as beautiful as her mother Amrita Singh was in her golden young time. She is not only sexy but has stunning features. The B-town is going to be crazy with the entry of this gorgeous goddess. She is appearing as a lead role in Simba as the 3rd squeal to Singham. Ranveer Singh would be her lover in the story. She is eldest youngest actress appearing lately in movies as compare to Sonam Kapoor or Alia Bhatt.

Sara Ali Khan; a gust in Stardust

About Movie:

It got fame when the song ‘Tere Bin by Simmba’ came out. A houseful movie was expected due to Sara Ali Khan’s getting introduced in the movie. The good of the movie was a moral lesson against the rebel and forceful community that is running on the terms and laws set by the powerful mafia. A stream to success has been shown when a clear curtain of Simmba was raised up with Ranveer Singh full of action trailer.

Sara Ali Khan’s Performance; people reviewed

The dedicated performance by Sara Ali Khan was liked keenly by the fans not only in India but all across the world. She is a born to be a star, many people reviewed this statement. In the show, ‘Coffee with Karan’ dad said and daughter Sara was invited. Saif Ali Khan admired daughter’s best debut in the Simmba. And she in return said that ‘My Dad is my all theatre learning academy, she boosted me when I was nervous. I am late joining the B-town but I now have no fear of being confused because he is my inspiration (by pointing her dad) and yes my mom is also one of them to whom I admire” Saif said that, ‘I never stop my kids, for choosing their career. I let them allow what they want to do and choose to do”. (Then hugged Sara emotionally).

Sara Ali Khan’s Performance; people reviewed

People’s Review about the story; Simba

People reviewed were taken by “Zoom B-news” and ‘Zee News’ for the movie Simmba. 80% people gave 3.5 stars out of 5 while 10 percent said that Sara Ali Khan is looking unnatural with her acting. Like someone is forcing her to act like a character she has been given. While 10 percent has been given 5 on 5 due to the charms of the couple in the movie. Story beholds around a girl victim of gang rape. She is literally an innocent girl while Ranveer Singh has rotten up to the crime. Subscribe us; on MMTV for more alike news from Bollywood.

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