Saudi Prince Fascinated Every Heart – Investing $20 Billion in Pakistan


Everyone knows that Pakistan is facing very complicated and sensible situations underneath happiness exposure that have been made everywhere in the world superficially. But under this sheet, there lies a state which is incredibly low economically and facing critics over millions of issues. Recently we have overcome the extreme situation which was terrorism. For the time being, we are terror-free country by the grace of Almighty. There are many hopes alive still in the country. The biggest rope of that hope named as IMRAN KHAN. He is sole hope behind the curtains of the darkness.

Imran Khan; A Sole Hope to Countless Disappointments

Imran Khan

Imran Khan is a sole present status in the state Pakistan working not only for the development of Pakistanis but also bringing the developed nation to home to invest and give the opportunities to residents to earn a livelihood in own country rather than going abroad and leaving families solitary in Pakistan. Imran Khan is a spark onto social media and everywhere these days because of the promising delegations he made and achieved well.

Purposeful Tour of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman

Saudi Prince and Imran Khan

Mohammad Bin Salman a recent Saudi Crown Prince came in Pakistan on 17th February 2019, Sunday evening. Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan gave him a very warm welcome to visiting Pakistan. He is a well-known person due to discipline accordingly. An ethical and disciplined person who has been offered many worth hand shaken projects to share with us to boost Pakistan’s economy.

There are many incentives has been declared to taken from Pakistan and receive back from Pakistan. He has been won million hearts due to his generosity upon Pakistan’s economy. Especially, he has claimed that Pakistan’s Leadership is in the safest and greatest hands if it is in hands of Imran Khan.

Major and Minor promises among Leader

Saudi prince

These two days were blessings of Almighty on Pakistan with countless promises has been made among kings of two states. Seriously, both people have been made a promising array to ease each other ways out for help. Following are the promising settlement has been done.

  1. Firstly, a Pakistani Award called Pakistan National Award for International great leader was blessed to the great Saudi Crown Prince in a special occasion called Zorana. He is the 24th International leader to whom this award has been blessed. Lastly, this award was given in 1979.
  2. Secondly, he has promised to make an investment in Pakistan worth 20 Billion Dollars. With this much huge amount, our economy can boost in a manner able way. We will generate employment opportunities in our own nation rather than going abroad and serving others.
  3. Thirdly, last possibly but not least I.e. on the great request of our leader Imran Khan, the Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman is going to imprisoned 2107 innocent prisoners for the sake of humanity. Imran Khan just requested to free them as it is a pious aid to do. Then he accepted the treaty. We won million hearts in Pakistan by his generosity. These two days successful tower was so amazing. Let subscribe us to know more.

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