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Today we are here to share life and career story of another famous and intelligent actress as well as influential host Seemi Khan. She is a multi-talented celebrity, and during her short acting career of just 6 years she performs in the roles of wife, girlfriend as well as a mother in a very mature way. Seemi Khan is Dubai based actress, and she starts her profession from a Pashto drama serial. A few days back Rubab Sahar a talented host of Mirch Masala TV meets Seemi Khan to take her interview for our audience. What is in her mind, what she did till now and what she wants to do in future, answers to all these questions along with all those questions you wish to ask from her stated below.

An Exclusive Interview of Seemi Khan by Rubab Sahar

MMTV: Mirch Masala TV’s Host
S.K: Seemi Khan

MMTV: Seemi Khan Tell me about yourself?

S.K: I am Seemi Khan an actress and a host. Basically, I am from KPK and came to Dubai when I was one year old only. Moreover, I brought up here but completed my graduation from Karachi University. I am friendly & very straightforward person. I love to have parties gathering & fun with my family and friends.

MMTV: How do you get involved in acting?

S.K: I have started my acting from 2012, so it is almost six years.I took a start from Avt Khyber TV for Pashto Drama “Khyber Fax”. Famous Pashto actor and director Qazi Arif was its Director and I honored to work with him.

MMTV: How many plays have you done so far? Also tell us your other done projects?

S.K: So far I have done 7 to 8 telefilms and commercials and four video songs and hosted some shows as well.

MMTV: Are you working on any current projects?

S.K: Hopefully Yes soon will start a new project.

MMTV: What kind of roles have you performed throughout your career? Are you satisfied with them?

S.K: Roles I performed till now was girlfriend, wife and a mother. I fully satisfied with my roles.

MMTV: How different is it to act in a movie and to act in a theater play?

S.K: Ohhh it’s quite different and harder for sure to work in theatre than in a movie.

a) Theatre actors have to learn each line, moves and lots of other details and must remember them every single performance.

b) Film actors can do numerous takes for each scene, so if they make a mistake, it’s simply re-shooting.

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MMTV: Tell me about an area in which you would like to improve as an actor?

S.K: Everything. All of them. No really, I don’t believe you can ever be done improving in any area. Particularly in a creative field like acting, there’s always different ways to do things. No human is perfect.

MMTV: From where have you learned acting?

S.K: I didn’t go to any acting institute, but yes by watching movies I learned and still learning. Whereas, during my school time, I used to perform on stage, so there was a hidden actress in me who wants to come out.
She gives a laugher!

MMTV: Have to face any difficulties to survive in the field of acting?

S.K: I think for me in this acting field was not so easy task to come because of family restrictions, but I proud of myself ALHUMDULILLAH that I am the luckiest person for what I wished to get I achieved it.

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MMTV: Do you think that you have potential to carry a film on your shoulders?

S.K: It is a good question; ? honestly, I am waiting for something different something which is very emotional touchy and unforgettable ever. People remember that Seemi Khan has done really amazing.

MMTV: Give me few tips to be a successful actor?

S.K: We should follow up are:

i) Never give up on any situation.

ii) Focus on what you want.

iii) Be positive, be honest, be determined and be patience not to
lose your inner power.

iv) Be what you are, don’t be artificial.

v) When people who tell, you can’t do. Tell them yes I can do.

MMTV: How do you deal with work stress?

S.K: Stress hmmm! life is stressful for everyone but who has courage will fight with stress and enjoy the moment and so do I do, I love when I am working and want to enjoy the moment.. trying to keep tensions and stress away.

MMTV: Who is your favorite actor/actress?

S.K: You know we surrounded with about three film-industries and if I select my favorites from only one industry than it is totally unfair with others two. So, my favorite actor from Bollywood is Anil Kapoor and Madhuri Dixit and Humayun Saeed and Saba Qamar are my favorite from Lollywood. Whereas, Tom Cruise and Julia Roberts are my best choice from Hollywood.

MMTV: What fascinates you about this line of work?

S.K: Acting is great, a fascinating world about which many people have a big desire. Actors are the reflection of the stories they tell, which in turn are the image of the society we live in with their amazing on-screen work makes me fascinated in this line.

MMTV: In the last, Seemi Khan do you want to give any message to your fans and newcomers in your field.

S.K: Be positive and avoid negativity around you. Be determine it might be that you will not be focused but with the strong determination, you will put your all possible efforts to perform your best.

Interview of Seemi Khan, actress and host

Interview of Seemi Khan, actress and host

Interview of Seemi Khan, actress and host

Interview of Seemi Khan, actress and host

Interview of Seemi Khan, actress and host

Interview of Seemi Khan, actress and host

Interview of Seemi Khan, actress and host

Interview of Seemi Khan, actress and host

Interview of Seemi Khan, actress and host

Interview of Seemi Khan, actress and host

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