Why Shahid Khan Afridi is Controversial in India Now-a-Days?


Who is Shahid Khan Afridi?

Shahid Khan Afridi is a stardom in the dominant star-dust since few decades belongs to Cricket world. This rising star of his time; Pakistani Cricketer got a good fame when he made a hundred just in 37 balls at the age of 16 against Nepal in Nairobi. Nobody could intact this record yet.

Hot in News

Well, many rumors are roaming in the air these days that Afridi just explodes a bomb in the air by giving a statement about Kashmir that is quoted in “Indian Media” controversially. The news is, “He said that our country, Pakistan does not want Kashmir because Pakistan’s Government is not able to run its four provinces financially and politically”. The Ex-cricketer was addressing in the British parliament and said, “I condemn that nobody deserves Kashmir neither Indian nor Pakistan, it should be given complete independence. Let humanity survive lively. Don’t let them die! Pakistan has no need of Kashmir even it cannot handle its four provinces. How could it handle Kashmir?”

Shahid Afridi Statement About Kashmir

“What I actually said, what media made it?” Afridi Tweeted

Shahid Khan stated in the manner of the neutral way as he said that humanity matters. It should not belong to any label of nationality. Shahid Afridi is right about human rights by giving his clear vision and showing love for his country in his latest tweet.

Shahid Afridi latest tweet

Gossip can be hyssop

Afridi never tries to spread hate. He loves to diffuse peace and the message of unity by showing love for the neighboring country India. It was something that was said in different but heard in a way as people want to hear so an Indian Home Minister; Rajnath Singh’s Jibes at what he said and what is heard publicly? He reacted to Ex-Cricketers comment on Kashmir that made him so ashamed for his country. Shahid Afridi claimed that his country does not require Kashmir although Pakistan has not the capability to manage its provinces. He furthermore explains by giving a harsh hand to Shahid with his tough words that, they are not having many resources to manage Pakistan. How can they do the same for Kashmir? Kashmir is still a burning question between Pakistan and India but Shahid clarified that they cannot own Kashmir. Rajnath specially called for a conference to say all this in Raipur. The 38-year-old’s statements come as a disgrace to Pakistan’s new government controlled by cricket icon Imran Khan

Shahid Afridi About Kashmir

An old memory recalled out

In April, Shahid Afridi had been bashed on social media for a tweet remarking that there was an “awful and worrisome condition” in Kashmir and wiles the UN to intervene.

Shahid Afridi Latest Tweet

And earlier that, almost in 2016, the ex-cricket leader had advised that a lot of Kashmiri devotees hold up with Pakistani cricketers.

Afridi's Latest Tweet

The Bottom Line is…

Shahid Khan Afridi is a patriotic person who has enthusiasm for Pakistan’s love and belongings. His fans following is not only from Pakistan but from India also. He doesn’t want to hurt anyone. But was just giving a message of peace in his own way. He wants to let free Kashmir at any cost if you cannot resolve the issue either a part of India or Pakistan. Just give Kashmir his independence indeed an open independence rather than any belongings of other nationality like Pakistani or Indian.

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