Causes and Prevention From Skin Discoloration


Various skin problems irritate time to time one of them is skin discoloration that is a severe type of issue to be resolved as soon as possible. It occurs on the skin as soon as the red blood cells stuck beneath the skin. In the normal cases, it happens in the additionally advanced phases of venous reflux disease or by melanin overproducing.

What Causes Skin Discoloration?

As venous reflux disease grows, density inside the vein walls will be shaped to a fact someplace red blood cells fall to bits; in addition, the iron in the hemoglobin has an ability to “stain” the skin. An excessive rate of production of melanin into the skin. In the first place, it affects the first layer of the skin, in the end, the brown patches appear on the skin. Skin discoloration can occur due to taking poor diet and also spending too much time in sunlight directly is its cause. Whereas some of the liver matters also come to be some causes of it. Furthermore, if you have digestion system issue, you will also catch in skin discoloration issue.

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How To Prevent Skin Discoloration?

As it has mentioned above, several causes, with regard to those, you can avail here various solutions to resolve the issue. As soon as the sickly veins cured, fresh, oxygenated blood is capable of recover tissue areas. This “new blood” stops additional discoloration and progressively aids to repair damaged tissue for a noticeable, albeit gradual, return of natural skin color.

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Here are some easy ways to prevent simple skin discoloration issue:

  • Take extra virgin olive oil and apply it on your affected area with it. After that, you need to clean out using a wet washcloth with warm water. Olive oil is best to prevent skin discoloration.
  • Castor oil is also beneficial to treat this issue it has an ability to prevent dark patches from the skin and break down excessive melanin as well.
  • Lemon juice is best to have bleaching properties inside, it can remove dark patches, and blemishes from skin easily.
  • Eat healthy foods that take in a good amount of Vitamin C like seven super veggies, beneficial fruits, and other things.

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