Five Summer Skin Problems To Prevent


Summer the bright and sunny season, or we can say an inauguration of active days in which everybody goes for some activities. On the other hand, too much staying in the sun or heat causes several skin problems in summer that you need to prevent quickly. Itchy and irritation makes you restless so what to do in this season? Here is all for you that goes beneficial and brighter to enjoy more your active days.

Beware of 5 Skin Problems in Summer


Folliculitis is prominent in skin problems in summer. The follicle is an opening which causes hair growing process. However, follicles septic, a folliculitis grows. It appears around hair root like a swallowed area just like a pimple. It doesn’t hold a specific area of the body rather it can appear on any part other f the body.

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How To Treat Folliculitis With Home Remedies?

There are several ways to treat folliculitis at home but here are most useful remedies to prevent it from any area of skin.

  • Vinegar is the best solution. Take apple cider vinegar and double water than it. Apply it on the skin to treat Folliculitis.
  • Take two liters of water and add some neem leaves to it. Boil this water and let it cool down. Apply it on affected areas twice daily.

Four Major Skin Issues | How to Resolve & Get Healthy Skin?

Sun Allergy

5 Skin Problems In Summer to prevent


Sun Allergy is one of the prominent issues generated from skin problems in summer. There are a couple of types of medications that leads you to sun allergy that are doxycycline, ketoprofen. Try to cover up your skin while going outdoor. Wear sunscreen. And seek shades to protect yourself and makes less time for sun exposure.

Uneven Skin Tone

5 Skin Problems In Summer to prevent


Summer heat, in addition, sun exposure leads to an uneven skin tone, as sun activates production of melanin cells. The sun exposure can be prevented by covering skin and applying sunscreen but what to do with heat? Heat causes inflammation that leads to a rapid activity of melanin. Using SPF 30 products will lead you to very less chance of sun tan skin as well as prevents age spots. Exfoliation is necessary on a daily basis.

Prickly Heat

Prickly heat or rash due to heat, as a result, sweat glands got blocked. It is necessary for sweat to come out, as soon as it stays inside skin rash and tiny bumps come out. At the time when bumps burst out, many people feel prickly feeling on the skin.

How to treat Prickly Heat at Home?

Take Gram Flour and make a paste adding rose water to it.

  • Apply this paste on the affected areas.
  • Give it 15 minutes to work on skin.
  • Rinse it off using cold water
  • Fuller’s Earth paste is also effective
  • Plain yogurt can be used on the skin for 20 minutes.
  • Cool compress is the easier way
  • Apple cider vinegar together with a double quantity of water would also go beneficial for skin.

Dry, irritated skin

Dry or irritated skin causes by hot and humid weather as soon as you go outside. Some of the significant causes there come longer sun exposure, and going inside pool, spending time in air conditioning will also cause dry, irritated skin.

How to treat dry skin problems in summer?

  • Use a mild cleanser for your skin
  • Take a shower instantly after getting out of the pool
  • Avoid using body wash bears label of antibiotic
  • Use a moisturizer that doesn’t have any fragrance

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