Exclusive Interview of Ajmal Khan and Usman Jazba


Conversation with Suleman Jazib

Ajmal Khan

( A Famous Tiktok Celebrity ) He  was born on 2 May 1992 in  Kerela, India and as of now he is  27  Years Old . Currently he is living in Dubai . He is Indian by Nationality. His zodiac Sign is Taurus.

Ajmal khan, when you talk about Tik Tok Dubai the first name comes to your mind is Ajmal khan. Ajmal is best photographer , fashion blogger and known for his various qualities . Ajmal is back bone of male tik tok and influencers in Dubai. His one of the the best qualities is content writing . Various videos which you will see of him and other friends and members of the team are done by him .He is well balanced and controlled in his field .

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Usman Jazba 

Usman Jazba well known business man, singer, actor , models and known for providing young and local talent platforms and influence them to be Independent and strong. Usman Jazba is known for his business and communication skills and various business like Real estate , Social media expert, marketing Guru, business consultancy and investment funding.

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