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It is said that beauty has no feet so it can be memorized if it is captured amazingly in your imagination to remember again. How it is possible to get thousands of images in a single memory chip of your brain. It was not possible for centuries ago when technology was not introduced. People were enforced to use their hand skills to draw the landscapes and natural beauty by hand portraying. For this purpose, Photography has become popular for centuries. As it is a famous proverb by Tamron:

“A good photo is not confined to its frame” – Tamron.

Yes! Photovista world is a world of imaginary dreams that comes after the world of reality. People are diversifying towards the thoughts of modernism and innovation. Photography, itself a passion to capture the beauty forever in the core of your esteemed love you have for your favourite mass. Photography is an art, and not everyone is expert in this art. If you want to experience for your special occasions first time ever in life you choose a photographer with the esteemed power for instance; to whom we should choose. Be firm on your feet, and try photography genuinely by MMTV. Seriously, idealism has no feet as beauty does so try Photography by them as your moments meant a lot for them.

And try MMTV photography genuinely being your well-wisher, giving best of their services nearby you in UAE at Jumeirah, Burj Al Khalifah and Business Bay and Pakistan as well.

shahrukh khan photography by MMTv

What feels more real to life? Memories or Reality

Reality is something that has been passed if it is happened yesterday or has to happen today. It will become a memory for future so memory is more valuable than reality. Point is how to make your memory everlasting? Wise said: “Reality cannot be locked for long while memories can be kept in your memory box”. Similarly, when you open an album then photo world will take you to that time when that event had happened. MMTV Professional Photographers provide you with such true feelings of recalling your past in good words whenever you are going to open your album will mean you are going to open your memory lock of a past happy time. For More Details, You can Call/Whatsapp Mr. Sulman Jazib at his number +971 55 688 1577.

Tips to get more photogenic

Running time is a hasten time which is an auto time for taking pictures in your phone but people need quality on the special occasions of ‘Eid, Diwali, Holi, Weddings, Christmas and New Years’ events. They rely on digital photographers even on Facebook they are used to search for the one.

shraddha kapoor photography by MMTv

Following are some fine tips to be more photogenic.

  • Must try digital Cameras
  • The location must be made genuinely as per photography
  • Don’t be a handy shaky while clicking pictures.
  • Set your goals of taking pictures rather than selfies to making your clicks more clean and photogenic.
  • Choose a professional photographer such Photographers by MMTV.
  • Set a scenario where you have to take pictures and decide your poses.

Photography is a beauty but if professionally trained

Photography must be professionally trained if it’s not so, then take out your phone from your pocket and click in irregular angles as you regularly do if you want to take your event granted. People don’t compromise for the photography. Let suppose it is someone’s wedding and forget to arrange a photographer. Could it be possible he does the same thing in future? Do marry again and call a photographer again. NO! Because marriages are rare and happen once in a lifetime so calling a professional photographer like MMTV’s photographer is a wise fact.

Salman Khan photography by MMTv

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