5 Causes why You Clasp In Stomach Pain After Every Meal?


Why does my stomach hurt everytime when I eat something? It is a question we usually heard from most of the people, but most of them don’t know the reality why does it happen? The Stomach pain immediately after eating is one of the issues in which you need to go for a gastroenterologist to resolve the problem. Some of the significant reasons for stomach pain immediately after eating are overeating, food intolerance, and food allergies. But for the emergency cases, you need to call a doctor as soon as possible.

Five Reasons of Stomach Pain Immediately After Eating Meal

Food Intolerance

Food intolerance is one of the primary reason for stomach pain immediately after eating. More or fewer foods counted inside food intolerance so as you eat them, they will show instant results on your body. Some of the common intolerance is lactose and gluten. Gluten is a protein originate from rye, barley, and wheat causes damage to the small intestines if you have an intolerance. On the other hand, Lactose found in dairy foods, in addition, some other things like chocolate, ketchup, and other medications.

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Candida is a fungal infection, besides is a type of fungi that fit into the yeast family that’s why it frequently called a yeast infection. Moreover, candida set up in utmost all and sundry and in little numbers should yet permit a person to be invalid health. A fungus discovered in our guts plus the vagina as typically, it controlled by beneficial microbes and causes no complications.

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Stomach pain immediately after eating causes often by eating too much fast. As soon as you overeat, you might not get the time to chew your food correctly, and you will see that the food vanishes from your plate very instantly. Whereas, you need to give time and chew slowly when you eat.

Food Allergies

Food allergies cause stomach pain immediately after eating so you cannot get the standard type of eating, whether you will catch in diarrhea, vomiting, stomach pain, bloating, nausea, and gas. On the other hand, if you have food allergies more than one, then it will make more difficult time for meals. Here are some foods that contribute more to this issue that are milk, eggs, peanuts, fish, soy, and tree nuts.


5 Best Ways to Balance Hormones Naturally

Chronic stress increases the adrenal hormone, cortisol that damages the gut lining and contributes to leaky gut. The stress reaction, also identified as ‘fight or flight,’ is intended to be short-lived. Nonetheless, people in modern day society do not acquire a chance to get better from stress. The excess motivation of the adrenal glands since stress bases blood flow to the digestive tract to crop stress.

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