Sun Exposure in winter: Major Benefits of Vitamin D and Other Health Aids


It is well said that, sun snobs out a lot of sun rays for us. Possibly, due to the Ozone layer, these rays are forbidden to direct us so ozone absorbs some risky rays known as ultraviolet radiations. Science has told us that if these rays are allowed to direct on our skin then it might be possible that human may extinct from this earth. But nature has been designed with optimist thinking by Lord. Those sun rays that are allowed to direct to us are beneficial for us.

Sun is gifted to Asians

Sub-continent Asia witnesses sun for 8 out of 12 months. So, they have not much bother about sun exposure. They keep themselves safe from the sun in summer but when its winter they feel cold and keep a desire for sun exposure. Sun never left them and have become their friend. Because they are addicted to it. More than beholding a winter they love to feel good in normal weather. Nor a lot of summers feel neither a winter feel. But there are many benefits to sun exposure must not take for granted.

Benefits of Sun Exposure

A study at the University of California revealed on the data taken from 15 countries of the world that sunlight and cloud’s satellite has surveyed that people took benefits of sunlight by laying down under sun and taking sunbaths for getting vitamin D. it is understood that Vitamin D is the cause to lessen the risk of colorectal and breast cancer. Roundabout 600,000 cases of breast and colorectal cancer are meant to resolve with the sunlight benefits every year.

Benefits of Sun Exposure

What do your bones want in winter?

Winter affects your bones badly. Like if you are not bearing the coldness as you live in Asia or the country that never see the winter a lot then your bones may be getting a freeze and got the issues of cramps i.e. tautness in veins. People call it in a local term like due to coldness veins is stretched in the body which gives a cramping pain to tissues of that organ. So in such case, your bones need Vitamin D by sun exposure.

Vitamin D and its Pros:

The most famous advantage of exposure to sunlight is its knack to knock your body’s vitamin D supply. It is said that 1,000 different genes are regulated by Vitamin D-3. Vitamin D is produced by the skin’s reaction to Ultraviolet radiations mostly through sun exposure. According to a study, the rate of providing injected Vitamins D to infants is “5000 kids” in the hospital every year. Two out of five born infants were found to have a vitamin D deficiency. A healthy natural supply of Vitamin D helps bone development.

Other Health Aids of Sunlight

Following are some other helpful handy guide to sun exposure.

Health Aids of Sunlight

Peaceful Night Sleep:

You will get a peaceful sleep throughout the whole night for 8 to 9 hours sleep. Sunlight has boosted you’re your will to relaxation now you can have sound sleep.

Your Active Mood for Whole Day:

Your mood will be stress-free. It lessens depression and makes your mood fresh and energetic. Sunlight exposures are meant to benefit for your mind relaxation.

Balanced Blood Circulation:

It keeps balance in the frequency of blooding flowing in your body. Your heart rendered the blood circulation which means good for those who are facing issues of the high blood pressure. This is last but not least reason to benefit your health if you want to know more just get subscribe us today, we as a team of MMTV writes for your benefits only. Stay tuned, we will be right back with another latest health blog.

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