Things to Take Care your Skin this Winter you Never Knew Before



Cold dry air can transform your baby skin into the irritated, red and itchy texture. Winter wreck your skins’ upper layered cells that may damage your skin tissues due to persistent ignorance. Either it seems awesome in winter to sit near the heat of the fire but what happens actually it makes your skin itchy and dry. Another way to warm up your body in winter to have a shower with warm water but which results in dryness to your skin by stripping natural oils of your body.

Treatment with these special tips

Treat your skin with the following 10 tips for keeping it’s moisturize balanced at level.

  1. Use a humidifier to warm your place for taking care of your skin

You need to use a humidifier to warm your room rather than using a fired heater or bonfire because dry heat leaves an itchy and irritated impact on your skin which is ridiculous to recover. So to retain moisturizer you need to use the humidifier to hydrate your skin.

  1. Lower the temperature to avoid dryness

Use heater time by time, by keeping the temperature lower. Try to warm the room with the breaks in times. It can be a better tip to moisturize and hydrate your skin. Even if you don’t have any humidifier then you may keep a bowl full of water on the heater. It will eradicate the dryness from the heater covered area.

  1. Don’t take shower in warm water for too long


Try not to sit for too long in warm water it will absorb the natural oils from your body and will leave it itchy, redness and stretchy. Or if you want to take bath for too long like more than 15 to 20 minutes you need to throw a few drops of lavender oil to keep your skin moisturized.

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  1. Pick a gentle scent free cleanser

Try to keep your body cleansed with a scent free cleanser gently, because fragrances may leave an impact of spots of contradiction over skin in form of dead broken cells.

  1. Remember to eat right and stay hydrated

Try to eat healthy and hydrated food. Most people don’t drink much water in winter and their skin remain dehydrated. Science explores on dehydration that maximum 8 glass of water must be drunk by a human but what if it is winter and the same thing is ignored. The skin has to dehydrate them.

  1. Rely on home remedies rather than cosmetic products

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It could be better for skin care to rely on home remedies rather than cosmetic products. Ground floor and egg white mask with yoghurt are very efficient in winter for dry skin add a lemon also if you want to use a facial. Let it dry for 15 minutes rinse off the face. You will see glow and neatness on your face.

  1. Apply Oils on the body before having a shower or steam bath

You have to massage your own body or skin with olive, lavender or mustard oil. Do with what will be easily required to you. You will see the difference that your skin will be like baby skin. For more such info you need to get subscribe us for push notification of MMTV.

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