United Bank Limited and Bestway Cement Interior Reformation Exercise


UBL and Bestway Cement have proclaimed that they have to go through an interior reformation exercise. In addition to, its greater part shareholder Bestway (Holdings) Limited (BHL) bring into being a share to share transfer in place of a just now unified holding company. Bestway Group Limited (BGL), as a result, tracking down all the endorsements from Pakistan.

UBL and Bestway Cement Interior Reformation

In keeping with the announcement, the swap of shares over and done with BHL and BGL that also retained by the former’s shareholding family was no material influence on its majority shareholding in United Bank and is, however, managed by BHL.

The shareholders of United Bank Limited’s enduring group, i.e., Bestway (Holdings) Limited (BHL), a UK based company, become taken out a portion for share transfer by an afresh consolidated handling company, specifically Bestway Group Limited (BGL) that is likewise kept by the shareholding families of BHL. Resultantly, BHL has become a completely controlled subsidiary of BGL. Bestway (Holdings) Limited, over its subsidiaries, engages in wholesale, banking, cement, pharmacy, and real estate businesses in the United Kingdom.

UBL Propels Wiz Virtual Card To Affluence Online Shopping

The company’s wholesale business accomplishments take account of the operation of general food stores. The stores sell various groceries and drinks; provision of food-service solutions that cover the catering of food; including licensed products for contracted businesses.

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United Bank Limited offers commercial banking and correlated services in Pakistan, the United States, the Middle East, Europe, and Africa. Bestway’s shares on the bourse were dealing at Rs 156.50, up and about by 0.58% of gross revenue of 5600 shares. Furthermore, United Bank limited shares were coping at Rs 197.10, up and about by 0.14% of total revenue of 273,800 shares.

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