UK’s Highest Merit Award Awarded to Pakistani Cadet Shehroz


The UK highest merit award in the United Kingdom for the best overseas cadet honored to Shehroz Shahid, who is a Pakistani army cadet. He receives this award at Royal Military Academy (RMA). He won this award concerning his performance in training, in education in addition to his physical fitness, for the period of his stay at RMA. The British Army’s Chief of General Staff, General Sir Nicholas Patrick Carter, presented the leaving cadet with the award.

Pakistani Army Cadet Got UK Highest Merit Award

Pakistani Cadet got UK Highest Merit Award

The Uk Highest merit award is correspondent to the Queen’s Medal and specified to the top performer in the whole categories to stay in cadets. Shehroz Shahid comes to be a part of Royal Military Academy before two years, after passing out from Pakistan Military Academy. His training has settled on the RMA and will come back to Pakistan shortly. Shahid will rejoin Pakistan army and endure his services as an officer.

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Shahid expresses his views about UK’s highest merit award in the following words:
Just one thing was on priority to me, the name of Pakistan to announced on an international level. Allah is kindest to my family and me. The actual path starts now. May Allah guide me to give my best to Pakistan and serve best where ever and whenever I will call too. Thank you, everyone, for love and support.

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The Royal Military Academy is one of the numerous military academies throughout the UK. The academy works as an early officer preparation center with a purpose to be the state center of superiority on behalf of leadership. British Army officers and men, women who belong to other countries can get training by this Academy. In order to finish each commissioning course, awards approved to the exceptional cadets. Shehroz won this overseas award in the passing year that is equal to Queen’s Medal.

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