How is Valentine’s day Celebrated Around The World?



Valentines 2019 is coming so forth. Every single is getting ready to mingle to purpose his/her loved ones to be part of their life forever. Those who love you so much will never remain behind to wish you first. True lovers do not need any Valentine’s day, but this day embarks that there must be a day in a year when you can confess your love in front of those you always remained shy to do so. A sensational event that remarks your whole year with the lovable and sentimental notions till the next V-Day.

What you really feel when you heard the word “Valentines’ Day”?

Valentine Day Special

When we recall Valentine’s Day, our mind stuck suddenly on everything belongs to sentimental expressions that include heart-shaped chocolates, boxes, love letters and bouquets of the red roses to express the love in unlike but romantic ways. These customs of the traditional gifts indicate romance.

The famous history of Valentine’s Day

Everybody is crazy to know about, Valentine Day’s History February holidays are the gift from Old Romans, it is said that Emperor Claudius II accomplished two men named as Valentine in two different years, but the date was same February, they were declared martyrs according to a Catholic Church justification. So, 14th February became famous with these names of these two martyrs’ personalities known as, “St. Valentine’s Day”. The day is celebrated in their remembrance filled with romance and love.

  • Vital Explanation

Valentine Day 2019

Its’ earliest roots anyhow, Valentine’s Day is an overall uncertain festivity these days. It’s a widespread break in various areas of the earth, but it was not so famous until Hallmark cards were designed for giving the wishes of Valentine’s day in 1939. Well, many countries don’t celebrate but few on the globe love to celebrate. Most people what-sapped valentine day quotes to loved ones

For a guise into how four diverse countries rejoice the V-day, keep reading.


In Japan, people love to wish the “lovely greetings” to their loved ones. Especially, males send gifts chocolates and flowers to the women. It is a highly dynamic to feel a pioneer in someone’s’ love. Girls go with loved one hand in hand alongside the road for long walks. They promise each other to spend their whole life by sharing good and bad with overwhelming love.


Celebration of Valentine day

South Korea trails alike Valentine’s Day strategies as Japan, with men and women habitually receiving gifts and chocolates on February 14th. They similarly wish love for long life and promise each other whatever happens in life they will never leave each other if it is sad or happy moments in life.


With the worlds most romantic state of extreme lovers where love-birds come to purpose like, “will you be my valentine?” in front of Eifel Tower. They considered it holly place on the part of love where they come and pray to god for the devotion and enthusiasm of their divine love for each other. The Epic Eifel Tower is really a panoramic place to view.


If you are thinking to celebrate the Valentines’ Day in Russia this year, just clear your vision about Russia’s most romantic state i.e. Belgorod. Due to some conventional traits, romantic holidays and sensational PDAs (public display of affections) are not allowed openly. But, bright red borscht, roe, and alcohol would create a flawless Russian-stirred V-Day mealtime. Just subscribe us on MMTV for more info about valentine’s day as it is coming.

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