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Vivo in collaboration with China Mobile on the “China Mobile 5G Device Forerunner Initiative” at the GTI Summit 2018 on the occasion of Mobile World Congress 2018. Uniting the struggles of industry players together with Vivo, the program will fast-track the progress of next-generation 5G devices. The program targets to take-off the first batch of Vivo 5G Smartphone pre-commercial devices for scale-up trial application showcase, and above establish assistance for the development of 5G devices, chipsets, plus component supply chains.

Senior Vice President Chief Technology Officer of Vivo Shi Yujian took part the summit and linked discussions on the newest R&D of Vivo 5G Smartphone across industry leaders as of additional partner companies. The “China Mobile 5G Device Forerunner Initiative”, managed by China Mobile, brings together o’er 20 industry’s most influential and accomplished chipset manufacturers, component manufacturers and end-solution suppliers, establishing a robust industry ecosystem on behalf of 5G development.

Vivo 5G Smartphone Devices, Innovation Towards Technology

“The smartphone industry’s progress is increasingly driven by the user experience, which has significantly grown the influence of smartphone manufacturers on communication standards and regulations. In Vivo 5G Smartphone is both an opportunity and a challenge as technology changes appear more quickly, so the pace of market change is quicker than always. Constant improvement is the only way to take the lead in today’s active era,” Mr. Shi said at the event.

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5G networks will fetch advanced speeds, lower latency, and extra bandwidth than afore. Applications of these significant characteristics in mobile communications broaden, 5G devices will take on different forms. On the other hand, AR/VR and wearables remain evolved. 5G smartphones will continue to be the core platform for mobile users due to the matchless user base size.

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Smartphones will detect and analyze user behavior, form a control center for the Internet of Things and deliver personalized AI-enabled services. Vivo plans to launch its 5G pre-commercial devices by 2019 and officially release a commercial Vivo 5G smartphone by 2020. It originated its research into 5G not long after the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) shared their vision of 5G. Vivo set up its 5G Research Institute in Beijing in 2016 and became one of the largest device providers at the 3GPP group to help develop 5G technologies.

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In the past year, Vivo has activated Vivo 5G Smartphone antenna and frequency associated development to accelerate Vivo’s pace of 5G innovation further. Vivo’s partnership besides China Mobile on 5G began in 2016 by a joint solution that decreases the power usage of 5G devices. Vivo included a pivotal subscriber to the China Mobile led GTI 5G Device Whitepaper and China Mobile 5G Technical Requirements for Large-Scale Field Trial.

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