Wall Street Exchange inaugurates new store in Satwa Plaza

• To cater to the expat community living in the Satwa area, Wall Street opens 3rd store in the same vicinity


Dubai: Wall Street Exchange (WSE), one of the oldest and most trusted remittance and exchange centres in the UAE, expands its operations with a new store in Satwa in Dubai to cater to the ever-growing UAE-expat community and serve its customers to provide utmost convenience of services.

In line with the Year of Tolerance, Wall Street Exchange with its expansion plan, succeeds to offer the best of experience to its customers. The store opening in Satwa area is in accord with the growing expat communities that are highly populated by the top 3 remitting countries – India, Pakistan and the Philippines. This store is ideally located within Satwa Plaza which is behind the Iranian hospital and within the walking distance from the bus stop in Satwa. The Satwa Plaza store will be the 3rd store in the same vicinity to better service its increasing customers – other stores in Satwa area are situated in Al Maya Lal’s Super Market and Al Bada Area (opposite Al Fakhri Centre).

The 2019 World Bank Report states that UAE’s population has reached a total of 9.68 million of which 80 percent are from expat community – with more than 200 nationalities harmoniously living and working in the country. The higher expat population leads to an increased remittance. According to the figures release by the Central Bank of United Arab Emirates, the expat remittances from the UAE amounted to Dh80.96 billion recorded within the first half of 2019. The report also showed that the top remitting countries are India, Pakistan, and the Philippines. The Indians topped the list with 37.2 percent of the total remittances recorded on the first quarter that was Dh15.8 billion of the total, followed by Pakistanis with 10.5 percent (Dh4.4 billion), and Filipinos (Dh3 billion) ranked third with 7.2 percent followed by Egyptians with 6.3 percent (Dh2.7 billion).

The report also mentions that a total of 33.046 billion were transferred through money exchange companies and rest from the banks operating in the country

The remittance and exchange center offers a wide range of fast, safe and secure financial products that involve local and international money transfer, foreign currency exchange, and payment transactions. The expats living in the UAE every month transfer a certain amount to their home country for their family maintenance, investments or as savings. Remitting money to home country is attached to an individual’s sentiment. WSE aims to fulfil these sentiments by ensuring convenience, hassle free services, ease of interaction and a comfortable customer experience.

Satwa, a place in Dubai near Burdubai area is largely populated by communities from South and South Asian countries. And to create an environment that allows you ease in services over the counter, WSE pays attention to these details to convert them into unique services for a better customer experience and is expanding its reach through the facilitation of the financial transactions which includes currency exchange, money transfer, and payments.



About Wall Street Exchange

Wall Street Exchange (WSE), a part of federal owned Emirates Post Group, is amongst the pioneer money exchange and remittance centres in the UAE.


Established in 1982, WSE offers a wide array of fast, safe and secure services with the use of the cutting-edge technology for local and international money transfer, foreign currency exchange and payment transactions.

Extending reliable solutions for 37 years, WSE is able to provide cost-effective financial services to customers due to its strategic partnerships with leading local and international banks as well as major financial institutions worldwide, making it a preferred brand for remittance and foreign exchange requirements.

WSE believes in a customer-centric approach placing its clients’ needs and preferences at the core of its operations. This has prompted the company to further develop its worldwide network, establishing presence not only in the UAE but also expanding its footprint to the UK and Hong Kong.

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