How to Wash Your Hair Properly Step by Step


Hair took a prominent place in a body structure so needs exceptional care to stay healthy, strong and long. Long hair is the wish of every woman, as to make their attractive. Here are the best ways to wash hair properly step by step at home. These methods go helpful to keep hair healthy and strong and to prevent damage. Hair washing method took a prominent place in the health of hair and to make them thick and healthy naturally. For the reason that if hair damages while washing them, their strength loses and it comes to be thin hair.

How to Wash Hair Properly At Home?

1. Rinse your hair with simple water; it is as necessary as you need to clean up your brush into the morning before cleaning teeth.

2. Use hot water if you consider that there is too much dirt gathered into hair because it opens cuticles and dirt wash out properly.

3. To wash hair properly after oiling can become easier by using hot water; as it loosens oil that gathers near the scalp.

4. If you have long hair, firstly you have to use conditioner before applying shampoo.

5. To apply shampoo in the best way you need to apply it from top to bottom. Yes! From root to edges applying shampoo is the best way for hair. For the reason, that roots are the oiliest parts of the hair.

6. Do not go so hard rather you need to massage shampoo in hair gently. Gentle handling of hair prevents hair damage.

7. If you do in circular motions, it can cause tangling in your hair.

8. Rinse it off using cold water. For the reason that cold water will shut the cuticles. It is necessary to close in the end the cuticles so the dirt will not go inside. As a result, damage chances decrease.

apply shampoo gently

9. Choose the shampoo to wash hair properly that is a best match for your hair type.

10. In like manner, conditioner will also be compatible with your hair type. And hair washing method will also depend on your hair type as well.

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