Wasim Akram Shareholder and Director of Cricingif


Former Pakistani fast bowler Wasim Akram links to Cricingif as a shareholder and Director. The Cricingif is quickly growing cricket platform in the MENAP (Middle East, North Africa, Afghanistan, and Pakistan). Region designed for on condition that the most appealing cricket analysis online. Wasim Akram is now working for Multan Sultan team squad 2018 as a director and bowling coach. Akram is also doing commentary for cricket matches. Furthermore, by joining the Cricingif, he will give his proficient supervision to the team of it as it takes its cricket coverage to the next level. Wasim Akram set his support behind Cricingif as both share the same desire to improve the coverage of cricket and bring audience engagement back to the sport.

Wasim Akram Links To Cricingif as Shareholder and Director

“All through the first PSL, I was marveling why Cricingif is on TV every two minutes. Therefore, then I take the app and check it out. You can watch wickets, highlights, catches, and it was not like whatsoever I have seen back. The view was for me to join and guide them. I’m very passionate, CricInGif is, at present, one of the uppermost websites in the world. The idea is to develop and heighten CricInGif, from presently on it’s just going to go up”; Wasim Akram.

“We have an antagonistic increase strategy with development planned beyond the UK, Middle East and Indian Subcontinent markets;” stated CEO of CricInGif, ShahidRasool, “Inside a year, we intend to establish our subsequent performance of investment at an estimate of USD 30 million.”

CricInGif is an official co-worker of International Cricket Council (ICC), Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), Pakistan Super League (PSL), and more than a few sports broadcasters and telephone operators thru the region. It reached over four million monthly consumers and had an aggregate social reach of over 16 million people.

Wasim Akram Joins Cricingif As a Director & Shareholder

CricInGif is famous throughout various national and International platforms, besides it gain the Asia Pacific ICT Award, to kick off the best in the Asia Pacific. Furthermore, Pakistan Software House Association Awards as best Media & Entertainment Company as well as Best in Brand Development. CricInGif Platform has acquainted with numerous world-first besides influential sorts counting fastest live scores, live highlights, real-time gamification and stories, related to on or off the field.

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