Yamaha SCR950 2017


The motorcycle is the best vehicle to ride for a long distance travel, sports racing, and off road riding also. Most of the riders today needs a vehicle to move with comfort and easy to ride on. With the passage of time, there comes different designs and styles in motorcycles. These motorcycles came with the changing of specifications and features in them. Here is the 2017 model Yamaha SCR950.

It has many features for your ease and comfort & for more better performance. Its seat is low profile bench seat, fork boots, retro racing side number plates and bold colour accents as it recalls the past. An air-cooled SOHC 60° V-twin along with four valves per cylinder, whether the engine is 58 cubic inch or 942cc. 2 into one exhaust pipe layout on the right side of the engine contributes to getting energetic performance and styling machine, with an upswept muffler to improved ground clearance and a pleasing exhaust note. The SCR 950 has a quality to control of handle for rider whatever the road throws at him. A long seat allows the rider to adopt different riding styles quickly.

Yamaha SCR950

 Yamaha SCR950 2017

Its cylinder is designed in an advanced way, and the pent roof combustion chamber shape was precisely made direct the fuel or air charge to the centre of the piston for more efficient combustion and maximum power. It keeps friction loss to a minimum and also increases durability, for engine’s ideal performance characteristics. The distinctive rocker of roller type arms along with needle bearings are used. To deliver excellent throttle response to twin-bore fuel injection is used on SCR. Here is an outstanding acceleration in the mid these are the 3D maps for ignition timing & Fuel injection.

It also has a wet clutch system which is multi-plate, it works using a rubber damper, to absorb shocks and works smoothly to transfer power. It also has a stainless steel air cleaner cover which provides a look of ‘raw metal’. It also has some different functions like inviting of Flexible ergonomics, Handling focus frame, advanced suspension, and Low Maintenance belt drive. The front disc brake is 298mm, and rear disc brake of 298mm both used to wave rotors. High aluminium rims and the spoked wheels as it is ready to face any hurdle or hard road condition.
In fact, this motorcycle has each and every quality to give comfort and make its rider more advanced.

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