Fauji Meat Ltd Takeoffs First “Zabeeha” Store in Karachi


Fauji Meat Limited (FML) has tossed its product store named “Zabeeha” ذبیحہ within Defence Housing Authority (DHA) Karachi. Zabeeha will vend 100% halal, frozen, fresh, and hygienic meat to bring about the wish of meat fans. At Zabeeha, altogether kinds of Halal meat accessible together with goat and seafood, buffalo meat, and chicken. The meat store has made a start in 15 – C, Street 11, Badar Commercial, Phase 5, DHA, and then Karachi. Furthermore, they have a plan to start commercial set-ups by inaugural 19 other outlets through the city.

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Fauji Meat Limited (FML) Started Product Store Zabeeha in Karachi

Furthermore, ARY has gone into a “strategic partnership” with Fauji Meat through its ARY Sahulat card. ARY also becomes a necessary association in this project. The inauguration ceremony of Zabeeha was held on Wednesday with Fauji Fertilizer Binqasim Limited Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director Lt. General R Javed Iqbal as the chief guest. Celebrities through the city, senior army officers, and citizens joined the inauguration.

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In the greeting message, Chief Operating Officer, Brig Abid Janjiana (retd) look upon the takeoff of Zabeeha by way of the victory of Fauji Meat Limited in the local arena. Come together on the excellence of the values, he said:
We take pride in keeping the most significant Halal Meat Processing Plant in South East Asia draw together with an purpose and capability to bring noticeably flavorsome meat of Pakistan to the ever-growing request of the domestic and global market.

Fauji Meat Limited (FML) Started Product Store Zabeeha in Karachi

Additionally, he further: “We are proficient and permitted to bring the finest flavor of Pakistan to the world around. In doing so, we attempt to strengthen the local ecosystem as well by offering quality food to the fellow men through Zabeeha.” The inroads into the commercial markets will support FFBL give a ride to its declining profits which have been decreasing endlessly for the duration of the last few years.

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